Who Is Salon Plaza For? Salon Professionals!

Salon Plaza is for salon professionals who have an independent spirit and an artistic soul

Finally, for salon professionals there is an affordable way to do what you do best. And on your terms!

Let your creativity fly. Enjoy one-on-one personal relationships with your clients. Set your own hours and create the success that is all yours.

Salon Plaza is for your clients who want it all: great service, privacy and a convenient location

Customers love Salon Plaza. Why? Because talented salon professionals who love what they do help them look and feel their best. Clients know that Salon Plaza Members are skilled and motivated enough to be in business for themselves. And they see that Salon Plaza Members have the latest equipment. They know the hottest trends. Clients also love the unbeatable convenience of Salon Plaza: hair, nails and skin care under one roof. A dedicated salon professional runs each individual, private studio salon!

Salon Plaza Makes Ownership EASIER!

If you’ve been dreaming about opening your own shop, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed. You must hire and manage of other salon professionals, plus the uncertainty and costs to bring in new clients.

And then there are all the OTHER costs – like water and electricity…

Ever think about the nitty gritty of salon maintenance? What if a faucet leaks or a light doesn’t work… or worse? When drains clog, water lines break, and your air conditioning quits working on the hottest day of the summer – who will you turn to then?

And what will it COST you?

Tag, you’re it!

Maintenance, recruiting and managing staff, keeping all their chairs full – owners of traditional salons have lots to think about.

Still Thriving In This Economy

The good news – The salon and spa industry is much stronger than the general economy. In 2013 total revenues for hair, skin and nail services plus retail sales of products grew 4.2% – nearly 3 times faster than the economy as a whole. Nail care rose a phenomenal 24.5%, the fastest increase ever! What’s growing: • Salon visits • Product sales • Requests for services, especially for hair color, straightening and smoothing, and basic cutting and styling services. What customer’s want: Salon clients want personalized, private services and are moving away from the big, older chain salons. This upswing is expected to continue over the next 5 years.