Studio Salon Advertising Strategies that WORK to Grow Your Base

Studio salon advertising strategiesThe KEY to Studio Salon Advertising

Got Studio Salon Advertising that WORKS? Each time you visit our Salon Owner’s Success Blog, you are taking one more step toward living the dream. Now that you’re on your own, to be as happy and successful as you want to be, there’s a lot more to think about.

Did you know? As a salon owner, you really are in two businesses, not just one.  Because now you must –

 1. Provide Your Services


 2. Advertise Your Services

What I often hear new salon owners say is they believe that other than referrals, there aren’t any good ways to attract new clients. By the way, even some salon pros who have been owners for a a long time still act as if this is true.

However, nothing could be further from the truth…

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5 Ways to Keep Salon Clients Loyal When Moving to a New Location

keep salon clients loyal 5 waysKeep Salon Clients Loyal: What to Do BEFORE you Move to a New Salon Space

If you have a solid book of business already, you’ll want to keep salon clients loyal to you when you move

There’s no doubt about it, your clients are where your bread and butter come from. It’s a lot easier to get more appointments with clients you already have than to start from scratch with new ones.

Consider this: Are they loyal to the salon where you are now, or are they more loyal to YOU? That’s the first question. If you have built a solid relationship with your salon skills and your personality, then you will be the attraction factor, not the salon.

Then next loyalty factor is

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Search Marketing for Salons: 5 Ways Google Can Build Your Book

Search Marketing for SalonsCurious About Search Marketing for Salons?

As a salon professional who wants to discover the hottest online marketing techniques, chances are you’ve heard about Search Marketing for Salons.

Truth is, there’s no way around it.

If you own a website or Facebook page, search results matter. When someone near you is looking for services that you provide, you want your website or page to show up on top.

Try this now

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Studio Salon Start-Up Success: How to Open and Run a Profitable Salon

studio salon start-up successThe Salon Pro’s Guide To Studio Salon Start-Up Success

For Independent Salon Pros Who Want To Open and Run Their Own Salon – Profitably! 

Studio salon start-up success takes the right person and the right space. So let me ask you a question…

How do you serve your clients now? As a…

  • Booth renter?
  • Employee on commission?
  • Multi-chair salon owner?

The most important NEXT question is … 

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Salon Pro Exclusive: An Undiscovered Way to Increase Repeat Business and Profits!

salon pro exclusiveSalon Pro Exclusive: Business Growth Tips

When you work independently as a salon professional, you’ll need products to use and products to sell. In this Salon Pro Exclusive, you’ll discover the reasons why…

You’ll keep clients longer by retailing product to them!

Clients who don’t buy products from you are 60% more likely to leave. But the good news is, almost all of your clients who purchase 3 or more products from you will come back again and again.

An added benefit – One of the fastest ways to double your income is to sell more product.


The reason is easy to understand…

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Attract New Salon Clients and Create LOYALTY w/o Spending a Dime

For Salon Pros Who Want to Attract New Clients and Keep Them Longer

attract new salon clientsAre you relying on word-of-mouth to attract new salon clients and keep your calendar booked?

If you want to shift from hoping for word-of-mouth to creating a reliable referral system, click below:

How to TRIPLE Your Referrals

Other than ask for referrals, there are many right ways to attract new clients that costs you only your time. The only wrong way is to expect magic to happen while doing nothing!

Here is the key to getting new clients and keeping them longer:

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Studio Salon Ownership: 7 Secrets to Open Your Own Salon

studio salon ownershipStudio Salon Ownership Explored!

Employee, booth renter or salon owner –

Which describes you?

And where do you dream of working by this time next year?

Each option has its own advantages – and challenges – to content with. Let’s start with getting hired as an employee in someone else’s salon.

The benefits?

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Online Scheduling for Salons: Salon Plaza Partners with Rosy Salon Software

Attention Salon Pros:

Online Scheduling Just Got Easier!

Online scheduling salon plaza rosy

If you’re tired of juggling appointments for your salon, then maybe it’s time you signed up for an online scheduling service.

And the best news?

Salon Plaza Now Partners with Rosy Salon Software

Rosy makes online scheduling a snap!

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Syncerely Beautiful Salon: Owner Angie Boyd-Gathers Earns Top Billing!

Syncerely Beautiful SalonLet’s Congratulate Angie Boyd-Gathers, Salon Plaza Member of the Month for June

Owner of Syncerely Beautiful Salon in Woodbridge, VA is putting her definitive stamp on the salon industry. Always training, Angie Boyd-Gathers is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician who is also certified in nails, makeup and trichology – the study and treatment of hair loss.

A lifetime learner, Angie’s always asking herself,

“What else can I learn in this beauty industry?”

Let’s hear from Angie, owner of Syncerely Beautiful:

Like a lot of women who become salon professionals,

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Salon Plaza Members Build Their Reputations with Personal Websites in These 7 Steps

Attention Salon Plaza Members:

Does Your Personal Website Look FRESH and COMPELLING Right NOW?

Salon Plaza Members website Angie Boyd-Gathers

As a skilled salon pro, salon owner and Salon Plaza Member, chances are you’ve already created your personal website.

That’s GREAT because your Salon Plaza Member website gives you the opportunity to show off your talents, build your reputation and connect with new clients.

Question: Are you using this promotional opportunity to your fullest advantage? And will you really make that irresistible first impression?

Salon Plaza Supports Member Success

That’s why we’ve put together these 7 Steps to Build Your Reputation Online:

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