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Salon Plaza has a style all our own. We’re passionate. We’re empowered. And we know what looks good. When you want something special from your salon, a suite that suits your services and a little more bling for your business, Salon Plaza has the space to make your style shine.

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    For clients ready to shake up their own style and entrepreneurs who want to spread their wings in a new atmosphere, Salon Plaza locations offer luxury, appeal and a crisp design that’s sure to delight.

    Our branding is clear. Our colors are sophisticated and bold. And our amenities are out of this world. Every single suite brings something vibrant to the space and they all come together to create an environment that we can’t help but share.

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    You’ve got your own style, and we’d never ask you to hide it. Salon Plaza is a community of artists, owners and creative people who all deserve to let their own flags fly.

    Our suites give each member a canvas on which they can paint their own portraits of the perfect business, complete with the amenities they need to help that business succeed. At Salon Plaza, our style is all about helping you express yours.

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    and freedom within

    Art is ever changing, and we’ve embraced that attitude wholeheartedly with our business style. We want to help every one of our members grow their businesses and feel their own styles evolve.

    We provide constant assistance, support and encouragement to help every member of the Salon Plaza family grow as entrepreneurs and individuals. Combining your enthusiasm with our professional suites is the surest way to see your style set sail like never before.

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From design to décor, personality to privacy, Salon Plaza puts you in control. You can find your peace and position yourself for success with a suite perfectly suited just for you.

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