why come over to Salon Plaza?

When it comes to taking charge of your business, there’s no one better suited than you.


Put your clients first and your business on the fast track. You set your hours. You come and go
as you please. Everything in your suite works and feels the way you want it to be.

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    envision your future

    Achieving your entrepreneurial goals is easier with Salon Plaza. We’re here to help you expand your client list by providing superior service in a truly stellar setting.

  • upgrade your business

    Luxury is life at Salon Plaza. From sharp lines to gorgeous details, top of the line amenities and a whole attitude of elegance, every suite we offer has a style that screams chic.

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    grow your community

    With more than 700 members offering more services than you can imagine, and new members always on the horizon, Salon Plaza is a fast-growing family that’s excited to expand with you.

  • save your money

    Keep your cash where it belongs: safely in your pocket. Salon Plaza takes no commission splits and offers competitive rent, so your business doesn’t get bogged down by high bills.

how you can join us

From design to décor, personality to privacy, Salon Plaza puts you in control. You can find your peace and position yourself for success with a suite perfectly suited just for you.

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