August 10, 2013

Zero To 60 In 8 Months: Salon Plaza’s Erica Drayton Tells All

Hair salon in Norfolk VA Erica Drayton EBJ Eyelash Extensions.JPGYou’ve only been here two weeks and you still want to sign?”

Erica Drayton, owner of EBJ Hair Studio, first heard about Salon Plaza’s Studio Salons when her husband got transferred to Norfolk, VA.

On a Plaza tour, Erica saw something she wanted. Believing in herself, she thought,

“This is what I want to do and where I want to do it.”

Discover How Erica Landed On Her Feet As A First-Time Salon Owner… Even Though She Opened In A New City With ZERO Clients!

At Salon Plaza, many of our Salon Owner Members have transformed their lives by choosing to run their shop out of a Salon Plaza Studio.

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Here’s How Erica Landed On Her Feet As A Salon Owner:

“I didn’t know how or where my clients would come from, but I believe it was God pushing me in the right direction. It was up to me to be confident.

Just 8 months ago to the day, I opened up my own salon named “Erica’s Beautiful Journey” – or EBJ Hair Studio. I haven’t even been here a year yet, but the road is smoothing itself out already.

By this time next year, I will have more than enough of a cushion.

Five Ways I’ve Fulfilled HIS Promise:

1. Do Hair Shows

Doing hair shows promotes me and get my name out there. I do a lot of them and meet a lot of people. For a matter of fact, that’s where I met Karen Wilson who runs her salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio in Richmond. She has clientele in both Richmond and Norfolk. After meeting at a hair show, she started sending her Norfolk clients to me – that helped a lot.

2. Join BNI – Business Networking International

Business Networking helps me to get clients. Be ready with a short speech about who you serve and what makes you unique.

Also, I network by volunteering my time. I help out at Salvation Army fashion shows and auction off eyelash extensions. Auctioning this unique service gets me noticed!

Hair salon in Norfolk VA Erica Drayton EBJ hair care3. Sell Hair Products

Since 2009 I’ve offered my own all-natural hair product: EBJ Coconut Caramel Hair Oil. It smells like coconuts and has the color of caramel. I believe God gave me the ingredients and left me to perfect the proportions.

With 50 grams of vitamin E, it moisturizes the scalp and hair, reduces dandruff, heals and protects. It promotes hair growth and absorbs into the skin.

Not heavy, EBJ is suitable for all hair textures.

If you’d like to try EBJ Coconut Caramel Hair Oil for yourself or share it with your clients, you can buy it on my website.

4. Teach At Beauty Schools

I show students the new eyelash extension technique I learned in Arizona called Mink. These eyelash extensions last longer, and clients don’t lose their own lashes. The results are soft and natural – undetectable! You get the mascara look without the mess.

It’s my way to give back to the students. 

Hair salon in Norfolk VA Erica Drayton EBJ faith

I wrote to 20 schools and several schools invited me in to be a guest speaker.

One school, Regency Beauty College in Newport, has invited me back several times. I talk about more than eyelash extensions. I tell them about the new industry trends and share my personal struggles. I let them know it has not been easy.

Everybody goes through something – everyone has a story.

You don’t give up on your dreams. You keep going.

It took me three times to pass my State Boards for my cosmologist license. If I can do it, so can you.

The big benefit to me?

It gets me out of my comfort zone to speak in front of others and share my personal life and career. It’s a way to give back. 

5. Teach Eyelash Extension Classes

Not a lot of cosmetologists know about eyelash extension – Even fewer are Certified Specialists.

This Surprises Me:

Out of 20 students in my class in Beauty School 9 years ago, only 2 are licensed and still doing hair. Not everyone can come out of school and go straight into a salon. Having an eyelash extension certification would give them a rare and desirable skill to offer a salon to secure their position.

I want to help create more jobs and opportunity for those who are coming up behind me in the beauty industry. It’s crazy to spend $20,000 on getting trained and certified… then not use it!

If you want to register for classes and get certified to do eyelash extensions, you can sign up on my website. Visit EBJ Eyelash Extension Classes.

Salon Plaza Gives Me A Place To Call My Own

Now that husband got transferred to Norfolk, we are stationed here for 3 years. Even when we move again, I won’t close down my business. It’s all too important for me, my clients, and my students.

I’m here for the duration!

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