November 11, 2013

Your Salon Business Dream? Crush It With Facebook Marketing Insights!


Salon Business Dreams Facebook Marketing InsightsSuccessful salon owners and independent stylists achieve their salon business dream by developing relationships with their ideal clients.

Who Are YOUR Ideal Clients?

To build a profitable salon business with great clients who keep coming back, first you must identify and reach your “target audience”.

These are local people who…

  • Desire your specific professional skills
  • Value your personal service
  • Are drawn to your “personal brand image
  • Are able and willing to pay your rates!

Why Bother With Facebook Marketing Insights?

If you have a Facebook page, check out the marketing insights it provides. These stats can help you identify your “target audience” – prospects who might want to experience your professional skills and your personal service – if they only knew you!

Knowing your target audience, you can reach out to them. What’s more, you’ll be able to monitor your progress in making connections.

What is Your Salon Business Dream?

If you’re like most cosmetologists, you have dreams for your future. I’ve seen concepts succeed such as:

  • A haircut and facial for a packaged rate
  • Clients gladly paying $150.00 for a haircut!
  • A stylist with clients willing to come as early as 4:00 am on Saturdays, to be finished by noon

Women Age Group - salon business dreams

But first, you must connect with your market and draw their attention to you. Facebook marketing insights reveal specifics about your prospects that will help you initiate conversations with them – information such as:

  • Common age range
  • Percentage of males vs. females
  • Location cities
  • Views, likes and shares of each post

Why Facebook Marketing Insights Matter

Knowing your visitors’ locations gives you an idea of the potential business you can attract through Facebook marketing activities. Discerning their age, gender, and which posts they like and share, helps you craft engaging messages specifically for them.

With these insights you can create:

  • Innovative specials
  • VIP packages
  • Tips on how to solve “bad hair days”
  • Fun drawings and contests
  • New offers to meet their needs and surpass their expectations

Free Publicity Rocks!

Salon Plaza facebook post - salon business dreams

Giving to clients in this way creates a buzz about you…  

Wow’d clients will gladly share your posts with their friends. You are establishing yourself as the caring expert – an authority worth pay attention to – the center of an enjoyable community with common interests.

From this online target audience, you draw your “ideal clients” to you – frequent patrons of your salon who love what you do and are eager to tell others…

Now you’re on your way to building the business you desire!

A Little Feedback Helps A Lot!

Facebook marketing insights will motivate you to write posts that inspire a reaction from your visitors. The better your post resonates with your audience, the more replies you will receive.

Remember! People do business with people they know, like and trust. Your purpose is to create posts that will inspire potential clients to like and trust you.

This moves them to call for an appointment and recommend you to others. Your online friends become offline clients of your salon. Which, of course, is the goal!

Get Motivated Toward Your Goal

Most barbers and cosmetologists I’ve met work toward establishing a sustainable business, then on to other dreams of making a contribution to the beauty industry.

Enterprising salon professionals want to:

  • Teach at a beauty or barber school
  • Create and sell their own products
  • Give workshops at hair shows as a featured hairstylist

You can be the featured stylists giving workshops or teaching at a well-known beauty school, but in order to accomplish your larger goals, you first must establish yourself with your local market. By understanding how to interpret the data underlying your current business position, you can see how to reach your goals.

Don’t miss out on gaining the insights your Facebook page provides you!

To Create More Prosperity and Make Your Salon Business Dreams a Reality…

Take These 5 ACTION STEPS:

  1. Set up your Facebook page properly (how to do this is coming soon)
  2. Start adding posts
  3. Respond to your visitors
  4. Understand the metrics Facebook marketing insights provides you
  5. Use this information to connect with your target audience.

If you follow my advice, some of your best clients ever – your “mutual appreciation society” – are sure to come from Facebook!

True salon professionals keep learning and growing. Don’t stop now… you’re on a roll.

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