Women Cosmetologists ONLY-Straight talk about Attraction & Beauty

Women Cosmetologists ONLY-Straight talk about Attraction & Beauty

For Women Cosmetologists Only:

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As a cosmetologist who is dedicated to your craft, then you already know-

You must do these two things every day:

    1. Bring out the attractiveness and beauty of your clients 
    2. Be a canvas for your own work

That’s right – You are the ARTIST and the MASTERPIECE

Women cosmetologists, do you ever feel like you could use a little help with looking your absolute best? Or being able to bring out the Beauty in others?

These 10 Beauty Secrets are proven to do just that – Secrets powerful women who present on stage use to look more credible and attract new business.

The same Secrets to becoming a canvas for your work and build credibility with your clients. Before we get started, let’s talk a minute about the difference between “attractiveness” and “Beauty”.

Attractiveness is the ability to be magnetic, appreciated, wanted, desired… not just in a romantic sense, but as a salon professional stylist, salon owner and entrepreneur as well. We choose to do business with people we “know, like and trust”: in other words, the people who “attract” us.

What is Beauty?

As women cosmetologists, we feel so much pressure to “be Beautiful” by some external standard. When we don’t think we fit that standard, we might judge ourselves negatively. Sometimes we can even give up on “making an effort.”

This would have a HUGE impact on your ability to keep your book full. Wouldn’t you agree?

As a cosmetologist who yearns to give a little more happiness to your clients, you already know – each of us has our own flavor of Beauty. We can discover how to bring out that Beauty, in ourselves and our clients, and become more attractive, no matter our age, size, features, or circumstances.

Why? Because…

Attractiveness starts within

It starts with believing you can be attractive and then doing what you can to bring out your best look. You do this for your clients. Yes?

You must also do this for yourself.

If you already pay attention to your appearance, you’ll love these 10 Secrets to discover your own flavor of Beauty. If you could use a little “inspiration” – you’ll find these secrets reassuring, helpful, even life-changing – when you follow them.

10 Beauty Secrets for Cosmetologists:

1. RELAX….Aaaaaaah!!! 

Women Cosmetologists Beauty Advice Salon Plaza resized 600In our day and age, we are moving so fast: on airplanes that go 500 – 600 miles per hour, or cars that go 100 miles + per hour.

Even when we’re not “moving”, the pace is FAST: from one phone call or appointment to the next, without a break, our mind constantly going.

To bring out your beauty, you must find a way to slow down and relax as part your lifestyle. Giving yourself the time to relax is crucial.

The problem is, if it’s not on your calendar, it probably won’t happen. That’s why you must schedule “me” time. You deserve it! Your to-do list can wait…


One thing that can make you feel great and give you the sense of being on vacation even when you’re not, is eating outside.

Discover the cafes and restaurants near you that have outdoor seating. Or the shaded bench near your salon where you can savor what you brought from home.

At the very least, be sure to take a few minutes to get outside during your lunch break. Your body will enjoy the much-needed sunlight, and your mind will become more relaxed and creative!


A meal is a time of celebration and enjoyment. Treat yourself to a long luxurious meal with your spouse, partner or a friend. Take as long as you want without feeling rushed, and enjoy your company.


Salon Plaza Beauty Advice Women Cosmetologists resized 600This might sound obvious, yet it’s true and we often forget. Instead of eating on the run, make time for your meals and sit down at a table.

It’s one of the most basic and important ways to be good to yourself.

Avoid distractions (like Facebook or Texting, etc…) while you eat. Focus instead on the company of your family or friends.

Having your attention on what you eat and actually chewing more allows you to digest your food better and eat less. And if you’re in a hurry, it’s better to eat less, slowly, than to eat more food without chewing properly.

Watch your digestion improve – You might even shed a few pounds with this healthy practice!

6 More Beauty Secrets for Women Cosmetologists… coming soon

In the meantime, to learn more about how to bring out your own natural flavor of Beauty – and help your clients do the same – visit Nathalie Chapron, C.B.I.C, “The French Stylist Extraordinaire.”

Nathalie is passionate about helping independent, professional women go from ‘Hiding” to “Shining”. Nathalie helps her clients create a “put together” professional image that is both completely authentic and magnetic. As a result, they feel more confident, more attractive and great about being seen.

Some of the biggest names in the salon industry have had their colors analyzed with her system, with great success. As one of her clients recently put it:

“Working with Nathalie helped my business soar into the 6 Figure Realm” (J. A.)

You can get started with lots of FREE helpful tips like these by visiting: You Shine!

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