May 30, 2012

Why Salon Booth Rental May Not Be Your Best Option


Salon booth rental may seem like a step up from being a full-time employee at a hair salon. You feel more independent. You get paid based on your effort and not a fixed salary. You might even have more flexible hours.

But salon booth rental is NOT the ultimate goal for most beauty salon professionals.
Salon Ownership Is The Dream!

Open A Salon - Own A Salon - salon booth rental

If you want to own your own salon it might seem like an impossible dream. It’s so expensive to get a traditional beauty salon started with all the upfront costs of securing a location, getting the chairs, sinks, and fixtures you need, and managing other stylists. PLUS inventory…

But as long as you are keeping a salon booth rental, you are building someone else’s dream. And that’s a fact. They set the tone, choose the other stylists you work side-by-side, with little support. AND… it’s just not your salon.

What’s your best option?

Imagine being able to set your own hours, decorate as you choose, and have a lock and key to your own salon – in a Plaza of other individual salons. Your own business and salon space, without having to hire and manage ANYONE!

Those who choose this new path of salon ownership still enjoy more professional, less competitive relationships with other stylists and nail techs, without all the drama of sharing a salon space. Their salon becomes their “home away from home… a place they can call their own.”

It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Without the calories!

Watch this video to see what I mean:


Salon Plaza gives you everything you need to succeed as a salon owner. Except for one thing – YOU. Your willingness to think and act like a salon owner.

Being able to succeed as a beauty salon owner doesn’t happen by magic. As a salon owner or any business owner for that matter, you have to think differently than you did when you simply rented a booth.

When you open a salon with Salon Plaza, you join a Community of Successful Salon Owners. We are hair stylists, nail tech, barbers, and estheticians who have learned to make it on our own. We can show you how to be successful without losing your unique identity.

To find out if you have what it takes to make it as a salon owner and live your dream, watch this video – “7 Secrets To Owning Your Own Salon.” 

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