May 9, 2014

Weaves & Custom Wig Specialist in Hyattsville Wins Salon Plaza Award


Introducing Salon Plaza’s Award Winning Weaves & Custom Wig Specialist in Hyattsville, MD –

Christiane Amboo, Owner of Weaves Salon

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month of May!

Weaves Salon Christiane Amboo custom wig specialist Chosen for her kindhearted dedication to her clients, this is a story about COURAGE!

Read on to discover Christiane’s secrets to prospering as a salon owner and custom wig specialist…

On December 20th, 1999, just 5 days before Christmas, I woke up at my aunt’s home in Virginia, looked out the window, and saw the United States flag flying.

That’s when I realized I really was here in America…

Born in Cameroon, a small country in the heart of Africa’s west coast, I had big plans for myself. And you know, I have all that I dreamed about and more – two beautiful children, work that I love, and a salon to call my own.

But It Wasn’t Easy

Christiane Amboo custom wig specialist Cameroon Africa resized 600

I came to the U.S. to go to a good school, but circumstances made that impossible. I knew no English and had a baby son to buy diapers for. I soon realized I didn’t have a choice. I had to help my aunt do hair. I was sad and disappointed.

Miserable, really. I wanted to go back home to Cameroon.

Instead, I chose to give all my love to my work. The more I stayed, the more I realized the opportunity.

For 10 years I worked for Salon Obsession as a braider. My income was low, so I went to another salon as a braider and shampoo assistant. A single mom, and now with 2 kids, Aven and Jason, bills needed to be paid.

The Turning Point 

One day I decided to get my hair weaved. When I glanced in the mirror, I looked like a celebrity! This really made an impression. So I learned how to do weaves on my own hair. I’d go out and people would ask me,

“Oh, who did your hair? Can you do mine?”

I started doing weaves for friends and neighbors. Now I had two jobs, braiding at the shop and doing weaves. I saw how it made people happy and have been a custom wig specialist and doing weaves ever since. I finally found a way to make good money.

Weaves Salon Plaza Christiane Amboo custome wig specialist“Love, Love, Love my weave!! Been coming to Christine for several years and she has helped my natural hair grow. I will continue to come back and recommend her to all my friends and family.

She is a very talented and professional stylist. You can’t go wrong coming to her!!”                             ~ Teya Peyton

How I Found Salon Plaza

I heard about Salon Plaza through a girlfriend of mine. She was one of the first to move in at Salon Plaza. But then, suddenly and unfortunately, she passed. I never wanted to come back, but I knew I had to face it.

At the time I didn’t have enough clients to keep my own studio, so I shared with a nail tech. Eventually, I moved to my own studio and named it Weaves Salon. That’s a great salon name because people find it when they search online for salons in Hyattsville that do weaves.

When I started getting American clients, they thought my space was too small. I like to make them happy so I moved to Studio 13 – a big studio with lots of room and a window.

Weaves Salon Plaza Chris custom wig specialist
I went to Christine for the first time on Saturday and I must say she did a fantastic job. She gave me the best style and weave I have ever had. Christine treated my hair with the utmost gentleness. I was very pleased and came out the shop smiling from ear to ear. She has earned me as a customer for life.
Christine is a true professional and knows her hair business. I am so excited that I found this wonderful hairstylist.”     ~ Theresa

I learned English by hanging around Americans. I love spending time with them because they know how to make themselves happy. Another thing I love about this country is the opportunity. If you’re not going to work for it, it won’t happen.

You have to get up off the couch and go find success. It won’t come to you unless you make the effort.

Weaves Salon Plaza Chris custom wig specialist“Christine is the best ever and you want to talk about customer service, impeccable. I felt comfortable the entire time – very professional, too. I love my hair and will keep coming back!!!! Thank you.”  
~ Nich

It doesn’t matter what time of day, I’ll be glad to work with a client to help them look beautiful and appreciate life. They often come right from work and are hungry, so I offer them little snacks. I want to make people feel happy and comfortable when they come to Weaves Salon.

I Appreciate What God Has Given Me – I Appreciate Life

Everything comes with faith. He is the one who provides. I don’t have to worry about competition. The day that I don’t have clients, I know he wants me to rest. I’m open all hours and days of the week. I only rest when I don’t get calls.

He wants me to be here and make my clients happy. Sometimes they cry – They tell me,

“No one ever made me feel this way or treated me like this.”

I put my love in everything I do. I like my clients to feel comfortable and enjoy privacy in a peaceful place. As a custom wig specialist, I can help those who have hair loss. It’s all natural hair care with no chemicals.

Words of advice to people thinking about Salon Plaza:

    • Have faith and everything is possible
    • Stay focused on business
    • Serve your clients with complete dedication

I focus on my clients and don’t bring my personal life to the salon. I really love weaving. I want to do this more than anything else. Weaving clients’ hair makes me appreciate life. 

My goals for the future are to develop my relationship with God, care for my family, and serve my clients. I love making people happy! I never knew I could have my own salon.

Satellite Salon Toni image in letters custom wig specialistA Heartfelt Thank You!

A special person helped me to believe in myself and have the courage to open my own salon. That most wonderful person is… Ms. Toni Crowder!

I never had anyone like her to believe in me before. She motivated me from day one. She would always say…

“You can do it!”  

Our Area Leader, Toni is completely professional and takes good care of her Members. She makes sure everything is done right and is ready on time. She would tell me…

“Don’t be afraid – the good thing is you are trying!”

I love Toni Crowder – she is family now.

If you are ready to open your own salon, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than NOW!

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