Twitter For Salon Professionals: #1 Thing You Must Do To Get Clients

Twitter For Salon Professionals: #1 Thing You Must Do To Get Clients


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Twitter For Salon Professionals…

How Tweets Can Get More Salon Clients In Your Chair

Last month Salon Plaza posted 12 Twitter for Salon Professionals tips to help you attract new clients, keep them engaged, and get more referrals.

But wait!!

There is ONE thing you MUST do to attract new customers

All of these tips do not really mean a thing if you are not reaching the people who won’t come in for an appointment. If they live or work too far away, they are not likely to become your clients.

For any marketing to help you grow, including social media, you must reach your “target audience”.

Hashtags to the Rescue!

The most important aspect of twitter for salon professionals is to target your future clients, meaning – you must reach the people who are interested and able to sit in your chair.

The absolute easiest way is to make use of hashtags #

For example, if you’re a hairstylist in Richmond, VA, use #Hair #Virginia #Richmond. For a barber in Waldorf, MD: #shave #barber #Maryland #Waldorf.

Also, utilize Twitter’s search bar and look for people tweeting near your location about getting their hair done, or their nails done – whatever it is that you do. For example, search “hairstylist in Richmond VA.” This will show you who is discussing these topics.

Follow prospects!

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You can follow people in your local area that are talking about getting their hair done, or tweet a deal and mention those people in it.

Another great use for the search bar is to see who is tweeting about things and places around you. This will bring up people in your area that you could potentially follow. Just type a local place in the search bar such as the name of a restaurant nearby, and this social media platform will show you who is talking about it.


Now you can target your potential customers!

Once you search any term you will be redirected to a results page. There you will see everything relevant to your topic of interest.

Here’s the cool part

After doing a search, look to the left of the results page and narrow your search down. Explore this feature and follow people who will help you in reaching your business goals.

The platform also has a wonderful advanced search feature to help you target potential clients. While signed into your account, do an Advanced Search.

Here you will see search boxes to help you find specific words, phrases and hashtags people are using.

Geo-Targeting Works!

You can also search by location, date and if it is a positive or negative tweet. You can use all of these boxes or just the ones that interest you. Using the advanced search feature will help you target the people who are most likely to make an appointment.

Twitter_for_Salon_Professionals_2 twitter for salon professionalsAnother great platform you can use to geo-target is SocialBro.

They have an advanced search that helps you target your customer base, follow people, interact with them and post tweets at the most efficient times.

Because there is so much it can do for you, you really have to check it out. It is free if you have less than 5,000 users, so you can definitely use it!

Salon Plaza - Pinterest - twitter for salon professionals

Here are a 5 more tips that will help you build followers:

1. Tweet as much as possible

The more you tweet the better. The thing is, you can’t sit around tweeting all day.

Well, no worries.

There are platforms that will tweet for you. You create the tweets and schedule them to go out on a certain day and time. Schedule one tweet to go out every hour, or every other hour – any timeframe you choose.

A great platform to use for this is HootSuite. You can sign up for a free 30-day trial. They have an amazing learning tool called HootSuite University that will teach you everything you need to know to use the service to build your client base.

2. Are you getting results?

Something else Hootsuit is useful for is to get to know your analytics – meaning, your success with Twitter. With analytics, you can see how your tweets are working for you. If they are not working to get clients and build relationships, you can change it up and try something new.

3. Use hashtags # in front of words

When you put # in front of a word it sends it a discussion page on Twitter where you can find other people talking about the same thing… they will see you getting mentioned!

For example: “Hey everyone, having a #sale at my #salon today in #Baltimore #Maryland.” You can even search on a hashtag to see what people are talking about, or to see what is popular.

Now use that popular topic as a hashtag in your post.

4. Interact to build relationships

Correspond with relevant people or companies that are following you in your area. You do not have to respond to everyone, but interaction shows you care! A good rule of thumb is to do this once a week.

5. Keep it interesting!

Switch between promoting a blog post and recommending an interesting article you just read – or some other comment of interest.

You can also retweet other people’s relevant tweets. If you retweet, you will more likely get retweeted as well. Getting retweeted means your name or salon name is getting out there in front of your preferred clients and target audience.

Now get started!

This may seem like a lot, but once you get started you will see how easy it is. Good luck!

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