July 29, 2020

The Transition From Beauty Professional to Salon Owner… Now What?

Congratulations on taking that step to being your own boss. With the COVID-19 closures, owning your own salon business with The Suite Elite may be a new adventure for you. But, the team at MY SALON Suite and Salon Plaza are here to help you. You may be in business for yourself, but you’re never truly alone. The experienced colleagues at your location, your franchise leaders and the corporate team are here to help you every step of the way. Taking your career to the next level as a business owner allows you the freedom to create a client experience you want, set your own business and operating policies, make your own schedule, sell the products you love and most importantly, feel safe providing your services to your clients. These are just some of the benefits of being a Suite Elite Member. We have some tips on some of the most important aspects to focus on when first starting out. 

  1. Defining the Client Experience.

If you’ve worked in another business previously (whether it was a salon environment or some other type of business) you have probably observed customer experiences that were great- or not oso great- and made mental notes about the customer experiences you would want to create for your clients. Now is the time for you to think through every aspect of the experience you will provide to clients from the moment they book an appointment with you and arrive at your super safe and super clean salon suite. Create that unique FLAIR in your salon suite that sets you apart. In addition to “what” will happen during the client experience, you now have the pleasure of designing the environment where it will occur. You can infuse your own personality into your salon suite’s interior colors, decor, and ambience in order to reflect your brand. 

    2. Setting business standards and operating policies.

Now that you’re in charge of your own business, it’s up to you to decide how things will work; the hours you choose to work and how appointments are booked with you. Having an online system such as Square can really up your game as a salon owner and make booking appointments a breeze for you and your clients. Make sure you put this information on your website and social media so your clients know the new booking policies due to COVID. 

     3. Selling Your Products

No matter how much in demand your services are, you can only sell your time once. But by setting your salon suite up for retail success, you can increase revenues and drive up the average sales per appointment. This is especially important now due to COVID regulations and having one client in at a time. Since retail products also require a monetary investment on your part, think carefully about your client base and the types of professional retail products that many are likely to need. As you make retail sales, make sure to set aside a portion of your proceeds to replenish retail inventory, or even expand it with a seasonal point-of-sale display, professional tools and accessories. 

     4. Keeping Track of Sales and Income.

Last year, we began a partnership with Square and the majority of Suite Elite Members use them because of the convenience and ease of service. Keeping track of your income has never been easier! Fast check outs, tracking inventory with email alerts when retail is low and the ability for clients to manage their payment information through their customer account makes it easy for you as the business owner. 

    5. Marketing Your Salon Suite Business.

Marketing is one of the most important aspects to succeed as a small business owner in any industry. Ask any of our Suite Elite Members, if you work your business, you will succeed! Having a marketing plan is also crucial to know your goals and the audience you are trying to reach. Engage with them and motivate them to book an appointment with you or share some 5 Star Reviews of your business. As a Member of the Suite Elite, you are provided marketing tools and resources on the Members-only Suite Elite Connect website and newsletter, including marketing calendars that offer daily ideas for promoting your business.  

    6. Continuing your education

In some states, continuing education is mandatory for evert stylist to maintain their license. Whether or not this is true where you currently reside, we know that taking classes, perfecting and learning skills on a regular basis is important as a stylist, esthetician, tattoo artist, lash technician, or massage therapist.

    7. Set Specific Goals & Measure Your Progress.

Without specific, measurable and achievable goals, (SMART GOALS), many business owners fail to thrive. You can take advantage of the clear Path to Prosperity success that is laid out for you as a Suite Elite Members. The tools are all there for you.

    8. Take Your Time & Practice Self Care.

Owning your own business is a marathon, not a sprint especially in these unprecedented times. Take your time, plan, grow. Remember to take care of yourself with our self care tips.

*Please note this photo was taken before COVID-19.

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