Salon Owner's Guide to LIFE Management - You Only Need 2 Pages A Day!

Salon Owner’s Guide to LIFE Management – You Only Need 2 Pages A Day!

For Salon Owners & Those Who Dream to Open a Salon…

Guide To Life Management

Ever tried “Time Management”?Salon_Owner_Time_Management_System

Truth is… No one can manage time

The sun rises and sets without our help

And nothing we do will change that!

What we really mean when we say Time Management is LIFE management.

You see, although we can’t manage time, we can – and must – manage how we use each day, our most precious gift.

Do you have a SYSTEM for getting the most out of your day, based on YOUR goals and priorities?

Here’s my method…

Hold on! Before I share how I plan each day, let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, there was a rich, older man who had acquired a strange ability. He could trade MONEY for TIME. Not in the common way of getting paid for cutting hair or doing a color.

This man could pay money for a bit of someone’s life. He was fond of offering $100,000 to a young man in exchange for one year. It seemed like a good deal, as $100,000 was more than his “clients” could make in TWO years.

His plan moves along just fine…  until one young victim, after selling one of his seemingly endless years away, finds out that due to an incurable illness, his life is nearing its end. At that VERY MOMENT the young man realizes what a poor exchange he has made.

In comparison, money means nothing – no amount could possibly replace that lost year of life.

Are YOU mindlessly trading your time for money?


There IS a Better Way!

You must gain absolute clarity about your big picture goals and what you want out of life. Then work toward creating yourself, and your life, based on this deep sense of purpose.

Many of our Salon Owner Members live a life of purpose:


Shadonna Jordan, owner of Salon of Elegance at White Oak Plaza in Richmond, VA

Izola Green, owner of Izola Hair Care in Laurel, MD

Galiana Lindsey, Owner of Galiana’s Hair Studio in Virginia Beach

Richard Terrell Newman, owner of Salon NewRell at Chesterfield Towne Center in Richmond, VA

Just to name a few.

Once you have your goals clear, it’s vital to have a life management system for organizing each day. Now that I have your full attention, I’ll share my system with you!


After rising, I give myself quiet time to meditate and groom for the day.

Next, I brew a pot of green tea or chai and sit in my window chair with my yellow Composition Book. (Yellow is my favorite color.)

I open to the next clean set of pages, left and right.

Now I plan my Projects, People, and Actions:

On the top of the RIGHT side, I write the date.

Beneath that, in the center of the page, I write the word “PROJECTS”. I list my work projects by name across the top, and jot down the BIG PICTURE GOALS I have for each project.

What major projects are you working on today to build your book?

Under that, in the center of the page, I write the word “PEOPLE”.

On the left side of the page I write “Reach Out” and list the people I need to call or email, with a brief description of the purpose.

On the right side of the page, on the same line, I write the word “Waiting On”. These are the people I’ve contact who have the “ball in their court.” I might decide to contact them again that day or wait a day or two.

Who do you want to reach out to today, and who hasn’t gotten back to you yet?

When that is done, in the space that is left I write the word “ACTIONS” in the center of the page.

I list everything I want to get done that day. When items are time-sensitive, I write down the scheduled time. It’s important to be realistic about what I can do and how long it will take. I schedule in breaks as well.

NOW… for the LEFT side of the Composition Book

This is where I consider my goals for the 4 qualities of a balanced life:


1. Spirit 

2. Work

3. Relationships

4. Health 

Here, on the clean facing page, I draw a big +, taking up the whole page, from top to bottom and left to right.

In the 4 squares I write my 4 areas of Balance.

What will I do today to feed my SPIRIT? This includes my meditation, which I did already – give it a check! Maybe I’ll go for a gentle walk in nature. Or play the flute.

What builds YOUR Spirit? Write it in Square #1

Beneath that is WORK. I write the names of the projects that will get my focused attention. The biggies for the day.

What do YOU want to accomplish most today at work? Write it in Square #2

To the right of Spirit is RELATIONSHIPS. Who do I want to spend time with today? Who do I want to think about or call?

In Square #3, write the names of the most special people in your life who you plan to be in touch with today

Below that, in Square #4, I write down what I want to do for my HEALTH. Perhaps a diet or exercise goal. Or an appointment for a massage…

What will you do for your HEALTH today? Write that in Square #4

Now close your book and go live your life today. You can refer to it as the day goes on to keep on track. Check off what you complete!

Most Important Life Management Step: 

At the end of the day, I sit back in my favorite chair by the window, even if it’s dark out by now. I open to today’s page and think about the day.

  • How did my day go?
  • Where did I stay on track?
  • What could I have done better?
  • Did any unexpected good things happen?
  • How was my balance in the 4 areas of life?

If something isn’t done, I circle it and carry it over for the next day… or eliminate it if unimportant. In the morning, I will have the previous day to refer to.

Beginning and ending your day with reflection is KEY to living a good LIFE, day by day. Time passes – each of us is responsible for planning, focusing, and savoring each day of this life we have been given.

What are YOUR Big Goals for LIFE?

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