The Beauty Pros Guide to Profits with Pinterest

The Beauty Pros Guide to Profits with Pinterest


Pinterest Is the BEST Social Media for Beauty Pros & Salon Owners! Here’s WHY…


Hey everyone, Nicole reaching out to you with the Beauty Pros Guide to Profits with Pinterest…

Can you believe the Holidays are here and in full force? Right now it’s the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and of course, my husband is watching football, so I thought I would try to get ahead on some work.

Well, it turns out a super helpful Social Media Live Training was happening online. I am so glad I was paying attention because it inspired me to share it with all of you!

Truth: For salon professionals, there is no better social media marketing tool than Pinterest. Why? Because of these 3 reasons…

  •  Your work is visual art and Pinterest is 100% visual
  • Not to mention that most of the information we process on a daily basis is visual
  • People who show up on Pinterest are looking to buy what they want and need, which is unusual for social media

That’s why…

You’ll get more sales from Pinterest than other social media site!

Pinterest is even better than Instagram when it comes to getting more bookings for hair salons, barber shops, and nail salons.

Now don’t get me wrong, other sites like Facebook and Twitter are also useful to connect with prospects and clients. You don’t want to miss any chance to attract new clients and build relationships.

Maybe you have tried it but haven’t seen any results. Don’t give up just yet. I want to share with you 5 easy steps to improve your results.

5 Easy Steps to Make Money with Pinterest: The Beauty Pros Guide…

1. Register your page as a business site

If it’s not already set up as a business site, you can go to business.pinterest.com/en to convert your personal page to a business page. Or you can sign up for a new account.

Dina Sevajian at Salon PlazaNote: If you have a bunch of followers on a personal site, then you’ll want to convert it to a business site.

2. Use keywords

Keywords are the natural search terms people use when they want to find services like yours. As a salon professional, use keywords relevant to what you do, like:

  • hair salon
  • hairstyle
  • barber shop
  • nail art

You get the idea. The point is that keywords make your Pinterest page more visible in a search.

3. Add your website URL

Be sure to edit each post (go to the pencil icon in the top right corner) and add your website URL (http://yourwebsite.com) so that when they click on your pin they are directed to your website.

On your website be sure to have a hot offer. For example, if you post a product, link to the page that will lead them to be able to buy it.

4. Post original content

Plan your pins and create eye-catching, attractive and ORIGINAL content. Some of the best content to pin are these:

Attractive, semi-professional photos of your work. On the photo, you may want to add a little text, such as the name of the style or how to contact your salon.

Kathy_Rowley_Salon_Plaza_Sterling_hair.jpegNote: Don’t overdo it on the text! A few words are plenty.

An infographic. These are images that you put together that give need-to-know information in a visual way. Create them to explain the benefits and uses of a product you sell and how to use it. Or you could do one describing the best hairstyles for certain face types.

Be creative and informative about the beauty services you know a lot about.

Checklists are very popular and I bet 100% of you could create a hair care checklist that’s uniquely yours.

Tutorial videos!! This is my favorite kind of pin for a hairstylist. I am always in need of advice on how to do my hair.

Do this: Show the video on your website. First, you upload them to YouTube, then put the embed code on your website.

This way, when potential customers and clients find your Pin about the video, it will take them to your website. That’s where you can make an irresistible offer for them to make an appointment.

Create a community pin board and invite other influential beauty pros on Pinterest to pin on your board. This will make you visible in their friends’ feeds as well. More visibility is definitely a plus.

5. Be Consistent

My final tip and the most important in this part of the beauty pros guide is to BE CONSISTENT!! If you can get on for a little bit every day, that is great. But you should try and get on for at least 2 hours a week to create and pin ORIGINAL content. So basically the rule of thumb is to…

Have a plan, be consistent, and be original

If you are curious about how your pins are doing, with a business page you can see the analytics. I’m talking about seeing the numbers about which pins get viewed, by how many people and other interesting facts.

You can find the analytics link in the top left-hand corner of your home page. Of course, to do this you need to have a business page.

I have so much more of the beauty pros guide to share with you, and we’ve run out of time today. And besides, this is a GREAT start. Do each of these 5 steps before my next blog post on this topic comes out.

To make sure you don’t miss out on all the great tips in our beauty pros guide to grow your business and fill your book…

Discover what Every Salon Owner or Stylist LikeYOU Should Know

You can tell me we talked about today that’s already working for you or something that you want to try out. Just leave me a COMMENT below and tell me about you. I really look forward to hearing from you!