Syncerely Beautiful Salon: Owner Angie Boyd-Gathers Earns Top Billing!

Syncerely Beautiful Salon: Owner Angie Boyd-Gathers Earns Top Billing!

Syncerely Beautiful SalonLet’s Congratulate Angie Boyd-Gathers, Salon Plaza Member of the Month for June

Owner of Syncerely Beautiful Salon in Woodbridge, VA is putting her definitive stamp on the salon industry. Always training, Angie Boyd-Gathers is a licensed cosmetologist and esthetician who is also certified in nails, makeup and trichology – the study and treatment of hair loss.

A lifetime learner, Angie’s always asking herself,

“What else can I learn in this beauty industry?”

Let’s hear from Angie, owner of Syncerely Beautiful:

Like a lot of women who become salon professionals, I’ve been doing hair since high school. My mom wouldn’t allow me to get expensive services done at a salon, so I taught myself how to do things with my hair.

At first I didn’t want to become a hairstylist. Since I’m good at crunching out numbers, I studied to become an accountant. I graduated with a BA in Business Administration with a minor in music.

And yet, here I am, a salon owner. My second time with Salon Plaza, here’s my timeline:

2004   Ditched the corporate accounting career and became a licensed cosmetologist

2006   Opened my first studio salon with Salon Plaza at the Hilltop Plaza in Virginia Beach

2008   Expanded beyond Salon Plaza – bought a house and converted it into a full service salon

2014   When my husband got out of the military, we moved to northern Virginia and had to sell my salon

2016   As soon as we settled down in Woodbridge, I decided to open up a salon again and call it Syncerely Beautiful

Love my studio location!

Syncerely Beautiful Salon AngieLooking for a place with a great reputation and excellent liability insurance, I chose to return to Salon Plaza. Like most people, I like nice shiny new things. When the new location opened up in Potomac Festival I jumped on the bandwagon.

One of the first to sign on, I picked the spot I want – my Syncerely Beautiful Salon is way in the back: a very private space. Eventually, I may move to a larger studio and add a treatment room. Looking ahead, I do plan to stay with Salon Plaza. My clients and I are comfortable here.

Running my Syncerely Beautiful Salon

In a big salon there are a lot of other things to do and think about other than doing hair. Having to manage a big, full-service salon brings real headaches.

At Salon Plaza, I am able to run the business the way I want to without the overhead. I enjoy it more because I get to focus on creativity. The whole work-life balance is better. And I do not have to deal with all of the behind-the-scene drama.

Close the door and be peaceful

Syncerely Beautiful SalonWhen you’re a Salon Plaza Member, you can create the atmosphere you want behind your door. Another bonus is that you don’t have to manage other stylists.

Truth is, they are your competitors. Always wanting to do their own thing, they are hard to manage. When you oversee other stylists, you might see things that you don’t agree with. You both feel you are right.

In the past when I ran a big salon, every now and then one of my hires would come over and say in front of my client,

“If I were doing it, I would do it that way.”


“That color should look like this instead of that.”

At a Salon Plaza studio, your clients will appreciate the fact that in your own studio you don’t have 3 or 4 other stylists giving their opinions. Your clients come for you. They don’t come for the opinion of other stylists. And when that happens, it creates confusion in the guest’s mind.

When we get right to the essence, it’s all about the customer’s experience. My slogan is:

“Be different and beautifully made”

It’s my intention at Syncerely Beautiful to take something the customer likes and make them love it. We have Hairapy sessions in here! We start having a conversation, and have to get back to hair…

This is our happy place!

It’s all about what the client came in for. To give them that personalized experience, I service one client at a time. You can learn more about me at Be Beautifully Made.

Work – Life Balance

I’m proud to say that I am the mom of 4 fabulous souls. Ranging from age 5 to 22, we have a blended family. There’s a little bit of everything in my family, and a dog. Family is really important to me.

Family comes first. This is what I mean when I say I keep a work-life balance. My family and my business are intermingled. What I love about having my studio is when I’m in the salon I get to have the adult conversations that I don’t always get to have when my children are around.

Syncerely Beautiful Salon is my home away from home

It actually is. I love what I do in all areas – interacting with clients and being creative. At home I keep everything in order. Here I get to regulate how I want it. And other people seem to like it, too – which makes me feel even better.

You never know when your last days are coming. If you’re going to leave the world with some kind of stamp, you want to be careful what you are creating. I want to put my stamp on the hair industry: to make it more professional, to express the inner beauty of women, and to involve my clients in the healthy care of their hair.

Stay tuned – my next post will be all about keeping your hair beautiful and healthy.

Syncerely Beautiful SalonInspirational Words at Syncerely Beautiful

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

And the first sign I put up…

“This is my happy place”

(And it is!)

If you want to be your own kind of beautiful – and you live in or near Woodbridge – call me, Angie for an appointment at (571) 989-1669 or click to schedule online.

And if you are a salon professional who is looking to create your “happy place” – contact Salon Plaza in Virginia or Maryland. You can explore all possibilities simply by requesting your VIP Tour…

Syncerely Beautiful Salon Plaza Members Tour

… it just might be what you’ve been looking for all these years!