October 21, 2020

Suite Elite Storytellers; Angela Maione

We continue our Suite Elite Storytellers feature this month with Angela Maione, a permanent makeup artist from MY SALON Suite of Shelton, CT. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and one of Angela’s services is areola pigmentation for breast cancer survivors after reconstructive surgery or after a mastectomy.  In addition to offering this service, Angela also offers permanent lips, eyebrows and eyeliner. “I was a traditional makeup artist for many years before I started doing this. I always worked in corporate America and did makeup on the side. I went to school for illustration but never ended up doing anything with art as a career before this. I was juggling my makeup business and my corporate career and I worked seven days a week because of my freelance makeup business.” When microblading started to get more popular five years ago, Angela started to get interested in making this her career. “I had a friend who started microblading and I reached out to her and asked if this allowed her to leave her corporate career. She was able to and told me to go for it. I took the plunge, was trained on microblading and permanent makeup, quit my job and opened up my own space.”

A year into her new career,  she knew she wanted to branch out of just microblading and work with a machine. “I needed to learn machine and the different needles needed; there’s a lot of work out there like tattoo freckles, belly buttons…. Once I learned machine, I knew I wanted to learn areola pigmentation and help breast cancer survivors.” Angela started working with breast cancer survivors in 2018. “I believe it’s important because there’s so much more going on besides just cosmetic. They want to feel like themselves again. These women have been through so much, their body has been a battleground and I try to make them feel whole again. It makes me feel like a miracle worker. I am able to give back to these women something that they feel like they lost forever…something that makes them a woman, feminine, who they are. It is rewarding because I am able to give them themselves back.” Angela said that unfortunately not everyone is a candidate for her work. All clients must come in for a consultation before. Sometimes the skin is thinner if they’ve had radiation and Angela wants to make sure the skin is in the right condition for her service.

With many of her clients having compromised immune systems, Angela loves the one-on-one experience she can offer to her clients at her salon suite. “We are doing everything we can and have guidelines in place to keep everyone safe. I only allow one person in at a time and my clients feel safe and comfortable.”

In addition to her incredible work with breast cancer survivors, Angela also offers permanent makeup for lips, eyebrows and eyeliner. “I would like people to know that with my style of permanent makeup, there’s something for everyone. It is customizable and I have many different techniques under my belt. They can always reach out to me. I always have consultations to see the client before and train in their specific service… it’s really important to me I get it right before I work on people. Permanent makeup has come a really long way.” Check out Angela’s work on Instagram and Facebook and browse her website for all of the services she offers. 

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