Style Profiles Salon Owner Gets Chosen as Top Hairstylist

Style Profiles Salon Owner Gets Chosen as Top Hairstylist

Style Profiles Salon Salon Plaza Teresa PricePlease help us to congratulate… 

Teresa Price, Owner of Style Profiles in Largo, MD

Teresa’s Style Profiles Salon specializes in healthy hair – improving the health, look and length of her clients’ hair.

And as you can see… her clients agree!

“I guess you know what you are doing. My hair has never grown so long. People keep telling me how healthy my hair looks now.”

– Azure, Largo MD

At Style Profiles, Teresa offers natural and chemical processes including single, double and triple custom color. Her hair extensions look full and natural, offering both the sew-in and bonding methods.

Good Hair / Bad Hair?

“They think it’s about texture. But it’s about health. Any hair texture can turn bad from harsh chemicals, neglect, over-processing. Healthy hair is good hair. You’re just a haircut away from having good hair.”

– Teresa Price, Owner of Style Profiles Salon

Catering to adult professional women, Style Profiles specializes in hairstyles that are conservative to slightly trendy. Teresa serves many clients from the State Department and Homeland Security, Verizon, law offices and healthcare.

Teresa’s goal is to partner with each client to improve the health and appearance of their hair. They feel secure that their new look will be professional. To make an appointment, visit Teresa’s Style Profiles Salon.

From Renter to Owner: A Happy Success Story

After receiving recognition as the Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month, Teresa related this in her interview:

Believe it or not, everything changed for me twenty years ago when I was working at a salon close by. One day while out shopping I saw the new Salon Plaza that was being built. Largo was Salon Plaza’s very first location.

Thrilled and inspired by what I saw, I put a deposit on a studio before it even opened.

Why Salon Plaza?

The main attraction? The individual studios!

Owning your own studio salon is the best way to keep your standards high. With a big salon you might not have as much control over things as you might think. Certainly not as ‘in control’ as a Member of Salon Plaza.

Here you can set your atmosphere, keep your own cleanliness standards, and never have to worry about hiring and firing.

For a traditional salon with many booths, the biggest challenge is to hire the right stylists. If you choose wrong, your reputation can be hurt and bring your name down. Once a salon starts to go down, it’s hard to turn it around.

That happened to a salon owner I know. She felt heartbroken that things hadn’t worked out and lost her passion for her business. And you know what, she ended up coming to Salon Plaza!

Freedom – Prosperity – Control

Salon Plaza Style ProfilesHere, you’re in control. In your own studio, you can keep your standards high and protect your reputation. And you can keep a clean and professional environment.

Salon Plaza is on top of cleanliness in the common areas that are kept consistently clean. They’re really quick with maintenance.

Anything major is taken care of immediately.

I don’t miss the big salon atmosphere – not at all. There was too much drama. As a studio salon owner, if you need some time off, you can just go in your studio and close your door, or go out to lunch or anything you want to do.

A Community of Salon Professionals

Here at Largo we enjoy good relationships with other Members. Everyone is professional. We learn from each other, share the latest techniques, and tell each other the new procedures we’ve learned.

To stay current, I like to take classes and see demos on new products. Sometimes I go on the Internet to see trending equipment and products that I might want to try out. Hair Cuttery offers classes that we are invited to attend for FREE!

It’s a pleasant place for me to work for sure. My clients like the privacy of my studio. We keep a light-hearted environment and like to joke with each other.

Over the years I’ve built a good relationship with Salon Plaza. I know their policies, rules and regulations. They are really good to the Members here.

Teresa’s Goals for This Year

I’m always looking for advanced training and new products and services. For my credit card services, I plan to add a swipe for the chip card.

Salon Professionals Top Secret Salon ProfilesSalon Plaza helps us develop solid business skills. I’ve listened to all of the Prosperity Club Audios for Members Only.

I learned from everyone one of them, on topics ranging from using social media to increase my clientele, and how to attract my Ideal Client with the right Message, Market and Media.

I listen to them over again.

Advice to Salon Professionals

If you’re interested in running a studio salon, here’s my advice:

  1. Come to Salon Plaza with your own clientele and a positive attitude
  2. Take the time to develop a good relationship with the Plaza coordinator
  3. If you’re fresh out of hair school, consider subleasing
  4. But if you have a solid book of business, definitely look into get into a studio…

You’ll be here long term… You won’t want to leave!

All you have to do now is to request a tour of the Salon Plaza nearest you. Be sure to ask about their latest Start-Up Incentives — Free Rent and a Beauty Supply Allowance!

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