Studio Salon Ownership: 7 Secrets to Open Your Own Salon

Studio Salon Ownership: 7 Secrets to Open Your Own Salon

studio salon ownershipStudio Salon Ownership Explored!

Employee, booth renter or salon owner –

Which describes you?

And where do you dream of working by this time next year?

Each option has its own advantages – and challenges – to content with. Let’s start with getting hired as an employee in someone else’s salon.

The benefits?

Most likely you’ll be on a fixed salary. The salon will provide you with clients, which eliminates your advertising costs. And if you like their atmosphere and brand image, it might not be so bad when you are first starting out.

The down side is a lack of control over your income. Despite all the hours standing on your feed, your take-home pay usually tends to add up to less than you could be making on your own. This is especially true after you get some experience.

Whose Client are Those, Anyhow?

studio salon ownership

An even bigger downside is that the clients you serve actually belong to the salon, not to you personally. This will become a problem for you should you decide to move to another salon or open up your own.

Next, salon booth rental is a step toward independence from being a full-time employee at a salon. You will feel more in charge of your client relationships.

Finally get paid closer to what you are worth! Instead of being given a fixed salary, you will get paid based on your ability to attract and keep clients. If you like setting your own hours, you might have more flexibility, although many salons don’t give you much choice about it.

You still have to ask permission to leave early, come in late or take a day off. And that’s a BIG reason why…

Salon booth rental is NOT the ultimate goal for most salon professionals.

Owning Your Own Shop Is The Dream!

studio salon ownershipIf you want to own your own salon, it might seem like an dream that’s too far down the road. Does the up-front cost seem overwhelming?

It is terribly costly to get a traditional beauty salon started with all the upfront costs of securing a location, installing the fixtures you need and stocking your inventory.

PLUS having to hire, manage, and sometime FIRE other stylists.

And besides, renting is just not satisfying. As long as you rent a booth, you are building someone else’s dream. And that’s a problem. They set the tone, choose the other stylists you work side-by-side, and offer little support.

You give up too much freedom for not enough money. It’s just not your own space to control.

What’s Your Best Option?

studio salon ownership

Consider studio salon ownership – it’s the best option for established salon pros.

Imagine being able to set your own hours, decorate as you choose, and have a lock and key to your own studio salon, in a Plaza with other independent studio salon owners.

You get to run your own business out of your own private salon space, without hiring or managing ANYONE!

Salon Pros who choose this path of studio salon ownership enjoy more professional, less competitive relationships with other salon pros, without all the drama of sharing their space. Imagine working out of your studio – your home away from home, a place you can call your own.

It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Without the calories! To see what I mean, watch this short video of our Members who talk about the joys of studio salon ownership:

What Salon Plaza Members Have to Say

As you can see, Salon Plaza gives you everything you need to succeed as a salon owner. Just bring your tools and GROW!

studio salon ownership

When you open a salon with Salon Plaza, you join a Community of Successful Salon Owners. We are hair stylists, barbers, estheticians, nail techs, massage therapist, and more who are making it on our own. Like us, you’ll get to be successful while you establish your unique identity.

Being able to succeed with studio salon ownership doesn’t happen by magic. As a salon owner, you will have more to think about than you did when you simply rented a booth in someone else’s space.

To find out what it takes to get from where you are now to where you want to be and live the dream, watch this video – “7 Secrets To Own Your Own Salon” 

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