Studio Salon Advertising Strategies that WORK to Grow Your Base

Studio Salon Advertising Strategies that WORK to Grow Your Base

Studio salon advertising strategiesThe KEY to Studio Salon Advertising

Got Studio Salon Advertising that WORKS? Each time you visit our Salon Owner’s Success Blog, you are taking one more step toward living the dream. Now that you’re on your own, to be as happy and successful as you want to be, there’s a lot more to think about.

Did you know? As a salon owner, you really are in two businesses, not just one.  Because now you must –

 1. Provide Your Services


 2. Advertise Your Services

What I often hear new salon owners say is they believe that other than referrals, there aren’t any good ways to attract new clients. By the way, even some salon pros who have been owners for a a long time still act as if this is true.

However, nothing could be further from the truth…

The most successful salons understand what advertising steps to take and which to avoid. They grow their clientele wisely, which means they don’t spend money without getting a return. Effective advertising doesn’t need to be aggressive, time consuming or costly. Smart advertising focuses on creative strategies that draw on your energy and imagination.

studio salon advertisingWhat does studio salon advertising require? Thoughtful planning and wise use of resources–your energy, time and hard-earned money. Here’s what can you do to attract new guests and turn them into repeat clients without spending a lot of money and time:

Understand What Your Clients Really Want!

The best studio salon advertising uses engaging, purposeful, memorable messages that show you have a feel for what’s on the minds and hearts of your most likely clients. And when your messaging “hits the mark”, it will get shared with other like minded people looking for services like yours.

Unexpected and unconventional studio salon advertising gets better results with less effort

Don’t overlook encounters in public places, giveaways of sample products and hosting events. Try interacting with your target market in unexpected places such as at grocery and department stores. Some salon owners have begun to use powerful, low-cost mobile marketing messages to engage their prospects wherever they happen to be.

Follow-up effectively

Did you know that more than 80% of all sales are made on or after 7 contacts with the prospect? Yet most salon owners give up after one attempt to reach out to the contact. Why? They don’t know how to consistently stay in touch with their prospects, referral sources and most importantly, their existing clients.

That’s why repetition is the key. Showing up frequently keeps you top of mind. That means, when someone is ready to make an appointment, they will think of you.

Reach out to your current clients

studio salon advertisingRemember! It’s a lot easier to get repeat business with someone who you have already served than to attract someone new.

Once you are an established studio salon with a solid client base, you can begin to shift your focus from attracting new clients to keeping your existing guests coming more often, asking for more products and services, and giving you more referrals.

Whether you own a studio salon, multi-chair salon, or simply rent a booth right now, you are in business for yourself! What separates people who succeed in business and in life from those who just get by is the ability to take action toward a worthwhile goal.

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How about YOU?

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Sometimes all you really need is to update your thinking, which doesn’t cost a thing but can make a world of difference.

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