StaySharp Barber Studio: Top Full-Service Barber, Herndon

StaySharp Barber Studio: Top Full-Service Barber, Herndon

StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA

StaySharp Barber Studio Recieves Award

Meet Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month Nate Donigan, owner of StaySharp Barber Studio at Salon Plaza Worldgate in Herndon VA.

Not your ordinary barber…

StaySharp Barber Studio Gives
One-to-One Specialized Service

When it comes to your personal and professional appearance, Nate knows you deserve the best in services and products. At his StaySharp Barber Studio, he cares about how you look and feel.

Offering traditional haircuts and services, Nate specializes in using the newest tools, products and techniques designed to maintain client comfort and satisfaction.

Enjoy the Privacy of Nate’s Studio Barbershop

Working in a private studio setting has many advantages. Each client gets focused, personalized attention tailored to individual needs – exactly the professional service and attention to detail you want and deserve.

Even women come in for that precision-cut look.StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA women


  • Caesars
  • Tapers
  • Fades
  • Baldheads
  • Flat Tops
  • Edge Ups
  • Afros
  • Fro/Faux Hawks


  • Beard and Moustache Trims
  • Outliner / Clipper Shave
  • Straight Razor Shave
  • Hot and Cold Towel Service


  • Beard and Hairline EnhancementsStaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA
  • Gray Hair Cover Up
  • Hair Lightening
  • Customized Hair Coloring


Ask about our services that treat and condition your scalp and hair to end excessive dryness, itching or oiliness. By stimulating the hair follicle, these services promote hair growth and a healthier scalp.


  • Before and After Hours
  • Off-Day Service
  • In-Home Hair Care

There’s a lot more to Nate than you might know at first. He’s also Nate Donigan the Photographer, which works really well with being a barber. When you have that special day or want family photos, he’s got you covered.

Located at the Salon Plaza Herndon on 13001 Worldgate Drive, StaySharp is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm. The fastest way to secure an appointment is to book online. You can also call Nate at (571) 437-8050.StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA precise

Let’s hear what Nate has to say:

“Being as busy as I am is a gift and a curse – it’s a gift to have so many wonderful clients, and a curse because I hate saying no. Sometimes my book is too full and I have turn people away.

I’ve been cutting hair for 17 years and am pretty well-known around Herndon. My business mainly comes from word-of-mouth.

You can also find me on Instagram or check out my personal website – StaySharp Barber Studio with Nate Donigan.

Yes, I do hair color, too. Mostly gray coverage… “camouflage”. I can do wild stuff too. Young guys like to lighten their hair, like with a Mohawk. I have one young man right now with a blue Hawk.

Always Looking to Learn and Grow

To keep my edge, I attend hair shows, take classes, watch YouTube, and check out other barber’s work on Instagram tutorials. One of the best ways to stay current is to spend time with the other pros at Salon Plaza to get pointers and tips. I learn a lot from the hairstylists.

StaySharp Barber Studio Salon Plaza Herndon VA father sonYou might be wondering, what can barber learn from a stylist? Well, let me tell you. This isn’t your usual barbershop. We are a full service shop, meaning that I do shampoos and I sell hair products. I learn a lot about the best products to use and to sell, the different scissor lengths, and about hair color from Salon Plaza’s top hairstylists.

Two months ago I raised my prices. What happened? More people keep wanting to pay more. My price increase hasn’t pushed anyone away. Which mean, I guess, it was overdue.

Truth is, I understand about families. I give special discounts to fathers and sons when they come in. A whole family with hair to cut gets expensive! Being considerate like that really helps to build a loyal bond with my clients.

And from time to time I offer specials, like getting your 11th cut FREE or $2 off your service if you bring in someone new.

Are You a Barber Who Wants More Freedom?

That’s why I  opened my own barbershop. I wanted the freedom and control that comes with ownership. I get that with Salon Plaza.

There are lots of great hairstylists at Salon Plaza Herndon, but I’m the only barber. If another barber came I would definitely refer clients to him. I’d help him get established and be successful any way I could.

If you are ready to live your own life and have the freedom to call the shots, you owe it to yourself to come in for a tour…

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