February 26, 2015

Social Media for Salons: Why Should EVERY Stylist Post On Pinterest?


social_media_for_salons_-_pinterestAs I sit here watching the snow fall I start thinking, I need a break! And my next thought is…

“Let’s play on Pinterest!”

I could get lost for hours and days on Pinterest… You, too?

The REAL question: Is Pinterest for salons a good idea?

Absolutely! Here’s why…

Did you know that some of the most popular pins to be liked and repined are hairstyles and nail art?!!!

Some of my favorite posts to look at on social media for salons are hairstyle photos. I have really long and curly hair, so I love to get on Pinterest to get ideas for how to style it… or how to ask my stylist to cut it.

Hey, barbers and nail techs, you want to get in on this too!! You can post pics of trendy styles (including beards), or cool nail art.

NEW ALERT: Instagram now has new features that turn this social media platform into a better tool for salon owners and professionals. Check it out here: Instagram’s 6 New Updates

10 Reasons WHY Pinterest is the PERFECT Social Media for Salons:

  1. It is so simple!
  2. It is estimated that 40 million people a month are active on Pinterest
  3. It converts leads into sales easier and faster than any other social media site
  4. Every pin includes a link to your website
  5. It is more effective in driving traffic to your website than other social media site.
  6. That’s because when visitors click on a picture you posted, it drives them right to your website
  7. Among all posts, beauty-related pins are some of the most liked and repinned posts
  8. You can also link your other social media sites to Pinterest
  9. It is addictive for your prospects and clients!!!
  10. You can also automatically tweet your pins and share simultaneously across Twitter and Pinterest

How To Get More Clients with Pinterest

social_media_for_salons_-_pinterest_sign_upFirst, start your profile. Sign up as a business. You can sign up with your business email, Facebook or Twitter account.

As always with profiles, fill out all requested information. Make your profile look as professional, neat and complete as possible.

During the sign-up process, Pinterest asks you about your interests. Check all options related to your professional life, and include some of your personal interests, too.

Pinterest will generate your news feed

To get to your home page, click on your name in the upper right-hand corner. From your home page, you can get to your settings. Just click on the “Edit Profile” button right under your name.

Once again, take the time to fill out everything. I suggest adding a picture of your salon name or logo.

IMPORTANT: Add links to your social media pages!

To do this, click on the little gear icon next to the “edit profile” button. On the left-hand side is a menu where you can click on “Social Networks”. Add all your social networks and email address. Now you are ready to start creating boards and pinning things to them. You can pin anything!

Creating Boards & Adding Pins

To create a board, think of a topic that showcases your work. Let’s say you want to do a board for hairstyles. Now, go to your home page (click on your name). Click on the box that says “Create A Board.”

  • Name: Choose something catchy like, “Hairstyles By Me” or “Hairstyles I Love”
  • Description: Say something like, “These hairstyles my clients have loved. Call me at #…”

Complete the process and start pinning on that board. To pin your own images, just go into your board and click on “Add a Pin”, then click on “Your Device.” This will allow you to upload your photo.

Take time to link all of your images back to your website. To do this, just hover over the photo and click on the little pencil icon. Where it says, “source” add your website address (be sure to use http://)

To re-pin other related pins that you see on Pinterest, all you have to do is start looking, find what you like and click on the red “pin it” button that appears when you hover over the picture. From here, choose your board and add your own comment or description. Create more boards for specific hair types, services you do, and products you use.

Now, go and have some fun… don’t get too addicted!


Remember, you work to support yourself and your family. Here’s how to be business-minded about using Pinterest to grow your book:

Track the number of minutes you spend on this social media site. Compare that with the revenues your efforts generate for you. Always ask a new client how they hear about you. Tell your current clients about your boards. If they talk about a photo you posted, include the money you earn with them, too.

Divide hours spent by dollars made. That’s how you can make sure your time on Pinterest is paying off!

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