December 26, 2014

Social Media for Salons: Use Twitter to Keep Your Chair Full


Social_Media_for_Salons_Twitter_for_Salons-1Social Media For Salons

Twitter For Salons

It’s the day after Christmas and more than likely you’re already using some sort of social media platform to connect with friends and family in your personal life.

What if you could use it to connect with clients and prospects to help you build your beauty business and keep your chair full?

A Great Idea!

Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube can help you stay in touch with clients in-between visits, showcase what makes you unique, and position you as the authority in your specialty.

Having a strong presence online also makes it easier for your clients to refer you and new customers to find you. If you want to market your hair salon on social media – or if you already are trying to, but it isn’t helping to keep your chair FULL

Maybe you need a boost!

A great place to start promoting your services on social media is with Twitter. Here are my best tips to quickly attract new clients and build relationships with your current book – without wasting your time and money!

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12 Twitter Tips to Make a BIG Impact

If you don’t already have one, create an account that is just for promoting your professional salon services and products.

1_salon_plaza_kristan_young_own_a_salon social media1. Add a profile image

For your profile picture use a good photo of your face. You don’t want to use a random personal picture with all sorts of people or things in the background.

2. Next, upload a cover photo

This is the wide picture at the top of your profile. You want this picture to be a company logo or image. This lets your prospects know what you do.

3. Start following people

Spend 30 minutes finding people, products, and salon-related pages to follow. Twitter has a search box on the top right-hand corner of the page that you can use to search for anything on that platform. Be sure to follow pages and people that relate to your business, such as clients, potential clients, salon magazines, etc…

4. Start Tweeting!!

So what in the world can you tweet about to get people in your chair?

5. What’s new?

Tweet about what is going on with your business. Are you having a grand opening? Are you having a sale on products or a daily special?

6. What is your specialty?

Do you have some great beauty tips? Share them.

7. Ask your clients

Ask questions and get the opinions of your target market. You can create an online survey with Twtpoll.

8. Share ideas

Did you find a good quote? Tweet it.

9. Show your work

Do an amazing job on someone’s hair? Take a picture and share it! Be sure to ask your client for permission.

Coupon social media

10. Promote your blog

If you blog about your salon or your passion for hair, tweet the link to your blog post.

11. Offer a coupon

Create a coupon for services or products and tweet it. You can create these coupons with a platform called TwtQpon

12. Re-tweet

If you like someone else’s post you can re-tweet it. They will appreciate it and they may also re-tweet your messages, which will get you in front of your target audience even more.

These 12 Tips for Twitter will help you to make better use of your time on Social Media. Your salon will attract new clients, keep them engaged, and become known as the authority in your specialty.

“Tell me below which new tactic you plan to use first and what happens when you do.”

But wait!!

There is more you can do to draw people in. For instance, as a local salon business or independent professional providing services to LOCAL people who want what you offer, it won’t do you any good if you’re tweeting people outside your local area or those who won’t value what you provide.

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Find out how to Engage Your Target Market in Part 2

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