Social Media for Salons: 7 Steps to Pin for Prosperity In 2016

Social Media for Salons: 7 Steps to Pin for Prosperity In 2016



Social Media For Salons – 

Hey, Salon Owners and Independent Beauty Pros…

Are you all ready for your most prosperous year EVER? Of course you are.

Use Pinterest Social Media For Salons to Make It Happen FAST!

If you’ve been following this Salon Plaza Success Blog, then you know our goal is to help you have the best year ever in YOUR OWN SALON STUDIO!

If you’re curious HOW, take a look at the previous post:

It lays out all the elements for a prosperous salon so you will succeed in your salon business and at social media for salons.

Today I am going to focus on one Element in particular – AIR. That’s all about marketing yourself on the web such as social media for salons. Specifically, how to create great Pins that will get you FOUND and your calendar FULL.

Why Market Your Salon on the Web with Social Media for Salons?

People are always – & I mean ALWAYS – online. Your job is to get their attention in a sea of others trying to do the same thing.

In my earlier post,

I showed you how to set up your Pinterest Page and use it to build your book. Are you ready to create a great Pin that catches your perfect customer’s attention?


Awesome, let’s jump in! You need to create a pin that is eye catching, attractive & most importantly… ORIGINAL. It sounds pretty straight forward, but let’s break it down so you can start bringing in new business for your best year ever.

1. The Right Tools:

A quality photo editor is really necessary to create eye catching & professional looking Pins, and fun to play with! Here are my two favorites:

  1. Canva.com (free & paid features) – great for creating advertisements and quotes
  2. PicMonkey.com (free & paid features) – great for editing photos you have taken

2. Size DOES Matter:

The Pins that get re-pinned the most usually are long, like info-graphics. With a photo editor, you can change the dimensions or crop it the way you like. The desired dimensions are 900px wide by 1200px high.

This does not mean that every pin has to be this size. A plain square post can still be very effective. But longer, rectangular pins do tend to command a person’s attention.

3. Tease Them:

Show them what you can do, or what’s going on in your salon. You can give them a peak at a new product or an image that builds up excitement for a sale.

Do you write a blog? Lead them your posts. Create a Pin that includes a picture, the title, and either a description or a few sentences from the post.

Do you ever take before and after pictures of your clients? Or images of your finished work? These are great posts because they are personal and show what you can do.

4. Call Them to Action:

The Call-to-Action is essential – you must tell (or ask) them to do what you want them to do. The point of the Pin is for them to click on it and be redirected to your website, blog-post, or appointment scheduler.

One simple step to get them to click on your image:

Add a “Play” or “Click Here” Button. This is a circle with the triangle play button on it, just like what you see on a video before you press play. Or, you can add a box that says

  • “Read More” (for a blog post) or –
  • “Shop Now” (if you sell products online) or –
  • “Book Now”

This is not an actual button. It is just a detail you add to the picture to draw them in, because your entire Pin image will link to your website, blog or appointment scheduler. (See #6 below for how to do that.)

5. Add a Description:

Add some text in the description area for the Pin. This is where using those keywords comes into play because they will help you get found in search engines like Google and Bing.

Good descriptions contain at least some of these elements:

  • A short sentence describing the post starting with your keywords
  • The name of your salon and location
  • A link to your website – this will boost your search ranking and give them another way to get to your website
  • Add a price if it’s relevant, such as for a product or a particular service

6. How to Add Links to Pins:

After you’ve created and pinned it, go back to that Pin (not the board, you want the individual pin) and just hover over it. When you do that, you’ll see a box with a pencil in the right-hand corner of the pin.

Click on it. Do you see the box that says “Website”? This is where you will add the link. Remember that you want to choose a link that relates to the Pin.

For example, if I am pinning an image about a blog post, I will use the actual URL of the post and not my website URL. It’s easier if you just copy and paste the URL from the address bar.

7. Most Popular Pins for Salon Professionals:

Here is a list of the kinds of Pins that get the best results…

  • Hairstyle Pictures: They are personal & show what you can do
  • Videos: First, post the video on YouTube, then copy the embed code on your website. That way, you can link the Pin to your website.
  • Teasers: A picture with text on it like we talked about in step 3 above
  • Checklists: For example; “Do you have everything you need to keep your hair looking good this winter?” Create a checklist of things they would need. Be creative!

A Few Words of Encouragement…

If you even just follow a few of these steps, it will enhance your chances of showing up in a Google search. If you have any questions about all of this feel free to comment below.

Let’s make 2016 your year for prosperity!

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