Secrets To Open A Salon: 33 Ways To Stop Clients From Leaving You

Secrets To Open A Salon: 33 Ways To Stop Clients From Leaving You


Start A Salon with Salon PlazaSecrets To Open A Salon And Prosper:

How will YOU pamper and care for your clients?

How will you make them feel special and unique?

Every beauty salon’s greatest asset is its clientele because, without clients, there is no salon.

Each client is unique. Yet one thing they all have in common is they want and deserve SPECIAL ATTENTION – maybe more often than you have the time, freedom and control to give it to them. Well, we have the secrets to open a salon and keep your clients… stay with us.

You are busy. Pre-occupied with making ends meet. Aggravated with that missing beauty product, empty chair, or other drama you have to deal with every day at work. Tired and frazzled, who has time or energy to even think about the client experience?

Two-thirds of all clients change their salon, and the number one reason given by departing clients is…

“the owner just didn’t give me enough personal attention anymore”
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Your clients are your most important visitors. The purpose of your work, you depend on them – Their loyalty is priceless. It’s your job every day to make every important aspect of the client experience a little bit better.

Times Have Changed

Are you ready for the challenge? It is a stress-filled, busy, hectic, tough, tiring, demanding, mind-numbing, energy-sapping battle each and every day out there, isn’t it?

It’s easy, tempting, even natural to come home after a day of doing battle, and wonder, “How many of today’s clients will leave for someone else tomorrow?”


You know that deep down inside – and if you want to prosper by running a busy salon, you must make each client encounter an experience to remember.

Word of mouth is very powerful. If you do build a great experience, clients will tell each other about it. Here are Salon Plaza’s best ways to open a salon, grow your clientele and keep them loyal to you…

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