Search Marketing for Salons: 5 Ways Google Can Build Your Book

Search Marketing for Salons: 5 Ways Google Can Build Your Book

Search Marketing for SalonsCurious About Search Marketing for Salons?

As a salon professional who wants to discover the hottest online marketing techniques, chances are you’ve heard about Search Marketing for Salons.

Truth is, there’s no way around it.

If you own a website or Facebook page, search results matter. When someone near you is looking for services that you provide, you want your website or page to show up on top.

Try this now

Open up a Google window and type in the browser, “hair salons near me”. Not a hair salon? Use the phrase that best describes your specialty. Are you on the first page? Keep going to the next page… do you show up at all? If not, you’re probably wondering how you can make search marketing for salons work for you.

Salon Plaza helps salon pros keep their love of hair and independence alive by providing the tools to stand out personally and online. That’s why we’ve put together these 5 Ways Google Can Grow Your Book.

Ready to see why Search Marketing for Salons is so powerful? Let’s begin!

1. Search Marketing Turns the Spotlight on You

Part of everyday life, the internet is HUGE. Search engines like Google have their work cut out for them. In order for Google to help someone find what they’re looking for, it must sort through gazillions of info.

How does Google choose which websites, Facebook pages, blog posts, and more to show up in your search results?

It’s all based on SEO

What’s that? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In a nutshell, SEO is how search engines like Google decide what indexes will show up when someone searches for something online.

For instance, let’s say you are a hairstylist in Sterling, VA. If a woman in Sterling wants her hair done, she might search for “hairstylists near me”. Since Google can tell she is in Sterling, what comes up in the searches are the closest matches, based on how well the sites follow the rules for SEO.

Nearly everyone searches online for nearly everything!

We know you’re not meant to get lost in the crowd. Setting yourself up right to get found when someone searches for what you do is one surefire way to get new clients.

2. Help Prospects to Find You

When you type something into the search engine, you are giving Google keywords. A knowledge of keywords (and keyword phrases) is a MUST for understanding Search Marketing for Salons. Having the right keywords in the right places will help your website get found.

How do you find the best keywords? A good place to start is with your name or salon name. If you use your name as one of your keyword phrases, chances are you will appear as a top result when someone searches on your name.Search marketing for stylists

Rachelle Rodriguez, Owner of Rock Paper Scissors Salon, uses her name as her keyword phrase for her personal website. Because finding her website is so easy, Rachel is likely to receive inquiries from new guests who find her online.

But that only works if the prospect knows your name.

You can also use the different types of services you offer such as hair, nails, waxing etc., as keywords. Since there is a LOT of competition for those keywords in any city or town, it’s best to use a longer keyword phrase, such as “natural hair care for women” for instance.

 3. Search Marketing is NEVER too costly!

If you’re marketing on a shoestring budget and are interested in improving your SEO skills, you’re in luck! The internet provides us with so many free and accessible tools to help us better our business and ourselves.

To get a jump start on search marketing for salons, Salon Plaza recommends Moz, an entire online community dedicated to SEO. There you’ll find blogs, online tutorials, videos and more!

4. Search Marketing Improves Social Sharing

SEO is a MUST for social media marketing. At the end of the day, the more people who see your site, the better chance you have for growing your business. One dependable way to get results is through social sharing.

Link, link, link!

We can’t recommend this enough. A webpage that has a lot of links is helpful for search engines to notice you. However, you only want to provide links to the best material out there.  That’s why it’s crucial to have a strong social media presence. To increase your chances of being found, you MUST link your personal website to all your social media platforms.

Search marketing for stylistsSalon Plaza Member Zanada Fox does it right on her personal webpage! Under her description, you’ll discover links to her personal Facebook and Twitter pages.

5. Search Marketing Helps Build Your Brand

By now you’ve probably figured out that search marketing for salons can help improve a future client’s online experience of you. Your best prospects want to find you because they need the services that only you can offer. The quality of your website coupled with how easily you appear in the search results can help you fill your book and grow your client base.

There you have it!

Search marketing is a crucial part of your efforts to grow and prosper. Not just icing on the cake, it’s an important ingredient. Once you familiarize yourself with these 5 Ways Google Can Grow Your Book, you can begin using them to your advantage.

As you develop your marketing skills to match your creative independent spirit, there’s no limit to what you can do!

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