Salons in Woodbridge: Meet Salon Plaza Featured Hairstylist LeLe Bland

Salons in Woodbridge: Meet Salon Plaza Featured Hairstylist LeLe Bland


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Salon Plaza Featured Hairstylist LeLe Bland…

If want to feel wonderful and look fabulous…

You’ll love the vibe with Salon Plaza’s Featured Stylist Lathia Bland, owner, and operator of LeLe’s Diva Stylez Hair Studio. With over 19 years in the beauty industry, LeLe has experience with all hair types, lengths, and textures.

LeLe specializes in precision cuts and natural hair care plus:

  • long hair styling
  • hair weaving
  • updos
  • keratin treatments
  • lock installation
  • color services
  • and more…

LeLe’s Diva Stylez Hair Studio is dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service with quality products. This is why she is our featured hairstylist. LeLe provides an enjoyable, nourishing and respectful atmosphere at a generous price/value relationship.

Because hair is her passion!

As a featured hairstylist and friend, LeLe takes time to listen to her clients to provide their specific hair care needs –

She kept alive her love for hair that began at 11 years old and received her cosmetology education at Potomac Academy Hair Designs. After owning two salons, when our Woodbridge Plaza opened in 2013, she became a Member Salon Owner of Salon Plaza.

Salon Plaza Interviewed LeLe as the January Member of the Month and Featured Hairstylist:

Hair salons in woodbridge salon plaza LeLe Bland featured hairstylistLeLe: Because of the passion I have for hair, I love to help my clients’ appearance be at their best. I focus on healthy hair.

My clients are usually in their mid-20’s and up because the younger crowd is not as interested in healthy hair… YET!

They’re doing crazy things to their hair now… Then when they get older and their hair is damaged they’ll come and see me to get back to healthy hair.

My clients always say I do exactly what they ask for. I also lead them in the best direction for their face, their personality, and the kind of work they do. I let them know what fits them best.

They usually listen but if not we can do a gradual process

Healthy hair is not raggedy hair because raggedy hair doesn’t look nice. To have long damaged hair isn’t desirable. I get the ends cut off and then go from there. By cutting to a point where the ends are healthy, it will always grow back.

Every day I go to work I transform their look

Let me tell you a story about that. A new client had been coming to me for 2 to 3 months. She didn’t know what to do with her hair. It was already short and still damaged. Her husband didn’t want her to have really short hair.


At first, she wanted to add hair in the front to make it look longer. But then she realized the best thing to do was to go really short and let it grow out healthy and natural. To make up for it looking too short for her husband’s liking, we made it look more polished with great color.

I did her whole hair and it looked really nice.

A whole new look for her

If you are looking for one of the best hair salons in Woodbridge VA, give LeLe’s Diva Stylez Hair Studio a try. I always look forward to meeting new people who become my clients and friends.

I have a lot of clients who are in the military or married to military and they move. Others move for their jobs, and I want to keep attracting new customers.

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