May 23, 2014

Salon Professionals: How To Create A Winning Brand Image On Facebook


Salon Professional Facebook money drain resized 600Important Note to Salon Professionals About Your Brand Image:

Have you noticed a costly trend showing up on Facebook lately?

More and more ”SELFIES” are being used for profile pictures. You know what a selfie is – one of those quick “here I am” photos you take of yourself.

That’s Money Down The Drain!

If you are a salon professional who promotes yourself on social media sites like Pinterest, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, consider the impact your profile image has in the eyes of your prospects and clients.

People do business with those they “know, like and trust.” 

Let me ask you another question –

To become a cosmetologist, did you just decide in a flash to buy a pair of scissors and rent a booth?

No way!

You had to study, practice, and perfect your craft. It required lots of hours on your feet, test-taking and approval before you could get licensed.

Facebook profile photo for salon professionals

In the same way, you want your photo to reflect an image of you as the practiced, trained salon professional. Someone dedicated to serving clients who has earned the right to stand behind the chair.

Personally, I would think twice before choosing a hairstylist using a “selfie” for a business profile picture. To me, sloppy photos broadcast two implied negatives:

1. They are newbies with no one to vouch for them – similar to receiving reviews with 1 or 2 stars out of 5 at best. 

2. They fail to recognize how important the brand experience is to their clients.

How you look makes a lasting impact – How others view you counts!

When you meet people in person, you have 9 seconds to capture their attention and make a positive impression. And no more than 2 seconds as a potential customer scrolls through their newsfeed.

    • What do you want your profile photo to imply about you?
    • How will your clients, future clients, and other cosmetologists react when they see your image?

How To Take A Profile Photo That Enhances Your Brand Image

If you want to make your social media work FOR you and reflect the wonderful brand experience you provide, here are 5 tips for an outstanding profile photo:

Hairstylist Facebook profile photo1. Look into the camera as if you are making eye contact with a client

2. Smile! Let your warmth and caring shine through

3. Look the part

Make sure your hair advertises what you can do. Dress in a flattering outfit that reflects your personality. If you don’t use much make-up, for this photo use just a touch to accentuate your features. Photography tends to wash people out – you need a little enhancement to look “natural” under the camera’s lights.

Put your best foot forward and remember it’s not the human eye, it’s a camera. Get the lighting right and consider the color and pattern of your clothes. My favorite book about this is Color Me Beautiful.

4. Choose your background

A great idea is to shoot your photo in your salon – the background will speak for itself. Take a minute to view where you are standing from the eye of the camera. Straighten up the area – make it neat and inviting. And for heaven’s sake, don’t have any water bottles or used coffee cups in the background!

Hire a professional photographer if you can. If you can’t afford to do that right now, ask a client or friend with a knack for photography to take your picture. Maybe you could do a trade – a cut and color for a photo shoot!

5. Use the same profile photo on all of your social media sites

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Tell me if you agree or disagree… Are selfies a good way to present yourself on your Facebook business page? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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