Salon Professionals: How to Craft Your Personal Story to Build Loyalty

Salon Professionals: How to Craft Your Personal Story to Build Loyalty


Just for Salon Professionals:

Who else wants to attract new clients, build loyalty and prosper by telling your personal story? 

Every month I get to interview one of the top salon owners in Maryland and Virginia. During the interview, the Member of the Month tells me his or her personal journey to becoming a prosperous salon owner with us.

I ask questions like…

  • Why did you become a hairstylist / nail tech / barber / esthetician / massage therapist?
  • What drives you to be so successful?
  • Why did you choose to open your salon with Salon Plaza?
  • How are you DIFFERENT… what makes you UNIQUE… what’s your PERSONAL STORY?

Then, among other things, I write a blog post showcasing that Member’s personal journey to becoming one of the top salon owners in their area. These are some of our most popular posts!

What’s more, the Member gains new business from sharing their passionate journey.

People like a Unique Story that Inspires

Now it’s YOUR turn – what is YOUR personal story? How can your passion help you to connect with new prospects, get them in your chair, build loyalty, and turn them into long-term paying clients who TRUST you?

To discover HOW…

Follow my step-by-step process for writing your personal story…

Salon Professionals Build Loyalty with Personal Story & Dream

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To lay a proper foundation, let’s remember basic human psychology – the qualities that foster engagement – such as a sense of similarity, curiosity, and authenticity.

Secondly, know that a powerful personal story follows a known and purposeful structure. The method I will teach you today is called  the “Dip Bio”.

A Dip Bio Follows this Pattern:

  • Describe how wonderful your life is now
  • Share how it hasn’t always been this way
  • Tell what you discovered to turn things around
  • Again talk about what makes your life so wonderful now – and how your listener can have it, too.

Your story gives the PROMISE that if they follow what you are about to tell them, they will enjoy the same prosperity and happiness.

Discover Your Story in 3 Simple Steps:

1. Make your story relevant to the people who will hear it

Chevon Prather Salon Plaza Rockville build loyalty

When you know the characteristics, likes, dislikes, and psychology of your best clients, you will attract more of who you want and fewer of those you don’t. You will also build loyalty with who you want.

Let’s get a sense of who would be an ideal client for you. Think of someone who has benefited a lot from your services.

What are the characteristics of this person – age, gender, where does she live, what is his lifestyle? Write down everything you can think. Include the pains, disappointments, pressures, and challenges he or she faces.

Capture how they would talk about their challenges in their own words

This is the key to your powerful story – use the words your ideal client would use.

Now describe how you have improved the situation of that ideal client. What transformation did you help her achieve? What difference did it make in his life?

For an example, check out February’s Member of the Month, Chevon Prather.

2. Your story must reflect something authentic about you

Ask yourself:

  • What makes your life great right now?
  • What troubles and challenges have you overcome?
  • What were the turning points in your life?
  • What did you discover that solved your problems and created that positive outcome?

Every product or service solves a problem or gives a benefit – the best ones change lives.

If you can relate what you do to helping someone become more healthy, confident, successful, and loved, you’ve done A LOT!  Look for ways to reassure prospects that, because of YOUR life experiences, you are the very best person to help them overcome some problem squashing their greater happiness.

Or at least, in some way, help them improve something in their lives.

3. You must tell them what you want them to do and how to do it

Always end your “Dip bio” by telling them exactly what you want them to do next. In marketing we all that the “Call to Action” or CTA. It could be something as simple as… Call to make an appointment at (your phone number.)

The more powerfully you have told your story, the easier it will be for you to motivate your ideal prospects to respond to your offer.

Now review your answers to these questions and craft your personal story

Follow the basic structure of the Dip Bio. Engage them emotionally with YOU. Show them how you can help them to experience the same happiness that you enjoy today.

Tell the story of how you guide them to enjoy a better life

Click for an example of a hairstylist who builds loyalty with her clients.

This is how you can tell your story in a way that connects you with the people you’d like to keep as clients. A well-crafted personal story will motivate the right people to contact you for an appointment and lay the foundation to stay with you long-term.

Both you and your clients will prosper

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It’s YOUR Turn for Prosperity!