February 28, 2015

Salon Professionals: 5 Secrets For Using Google+ to Fill Your Book


using google+ for salon owners and salon professionalsYou know how most salon owners and beauty professionals struggle to fill their book?

Using Google+ can help you solve THAT problem!

If you question WHY you should be using Google+, visit my previous post “
Why Salon Professionals Should Use Google+”. Then you’ll know for sure!
That post also tells you how to set up your profile for your Google+ account. This post tells you how to…

Using GOOGLE+ To Grow Your Book…

Google+ has so much to offer to bring you more business, it is hard to know where to start so let’s start with the…

Basics For A HOT Google+ Page

It all starts with your profile, which is your main Google account. Because you will be linking your
Google+ Business Page to this profile, be professional in tone and topic. Here are a few tips:
  • Choose a photo that you want your clients to see
  • Fill out all information requested
  • Leaving blanks looks less professional
  • It can give the impression that you may not really care
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Once you have created your personal, yet professional Google+ profile, go to
Google Business.
Make sure you are signed in to your Google account then click on
“Get Your Page”. Now for…

5 Secrets For Using Google+ to Send Business to Your Salon:

1. ABC’s To Creating Your G+ Business Page:

A. Choose Your Business Type
For a salon, barbershop or nail spa, you are going to want to choose “Store Front.”
Salon Professions Using Google+ to Get On the Map!
B. Put Yourself on the Map!
Once you are redirected to a map, see if your location already comes up.
If your location does not show up, you can add it. Fill it out completely: The more details that you add, the more visible you become to those you’d most like to serve.

Write an appealing introduction by mentioning the beauty problems you solve and the solutions you provide. You can add links to your website and blog if you have them. Add an original tagline describing what you do.

Be sure to include the easiest way to contact you for an appointment.

C. Create Your G+ Page

After reading everything and completely filling out your business page, click on the box that makes you visible to the public. Now hit the create button.
Tip: Do not share your new page until you have finished setting it up. Skip it until the end!


Salon Professions Using Google+ to Poll your Clients

You can create relationships and build interest in what you offer new customers with your posts. Add your scrapbook photos of your work — and you at work.
Include images that help online visitors get to know you and the services you provide.
Talk about your specialties. If you love working with new moms, for instance, say something like,
“Hey new moms, take a mintue for yourself to look your radiant best! Come in for a new cut and color today.”
Make it original and tailored to you. Have fun with it!


Want a fun way to draw in followers? Google+ offers a built-in feature that Facebook and Twitter do not. You can create polls and surveys. Use this Feature!!


If you already write a blog, be sure to post links to your articles. If you don’t have a blog, you can set one up with your google account. We can discuss that in more detail another time.


Are you running any specials? Create coupons! Make an offer and post it exclusively on Google+. For example; “Get 25% off your next cut when you come in and tell us the password: cut it!” Once again be creative!
Now you have plenty of ideas on how to use Google+ to get found and bring in more business.
So what are you waiting for? Get going and get busier than ever – doing what you love most… making people look their best!

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