Salon Professionals: 4 Powerful Steps to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Salon Professionals: 4 Powerful Steps to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

Salon Professionals Vision PlanKick-Ass Plan For Salon Professionals in 2017:

Discover 4 powerful steps to make this your best year yet!

Top salon professionals will step powerfully into the New Year armed with a clear vision and a month-by-month plan to get there.

And YOU?

Let me share with you the VISION planning process a dear friend of mine has shared with thousands of salon owners and entrepreneurs around the world. These are dedicated professionals like you who have made the decision to build their business with more clarity, less overwhelm and a lot more success.

Salon Professionals Top SecretYour Secret Weapon

This simple 4 Step Vision Accelerator is your secret weapon for creating an all-out breakthrough in your career as a salon professional. When you follow this process fully, you’ll gain

  • Renewed sense of purpose
  • Clear vision of where you want to be one year from now
  • Doable plan to turn your vision into your reality

Be the Person You Want to Be

Even more important than that… you will start the year feeling confident in your ability to turn your dreams into your reality.

4 Steps to Make Your Vision Real

Step 1: Gather Clues To What You Want

Among salon professionals who actually reach and even exceed their goals, there’s one common thread. Simply said, they take time to plan for the year ahead.

And yet, before leaping into the planning process, you must take time to look back over last year for clues to what you want to create in the coming year.

  • What went well this past year?
  • What didn’t go so well… so as not to repeat it in the year ahead?

While this step may not seem necessary for planning, don’t skip it. You’ll need all of the wisdom of your past as a guide for you to be your best self going forward.

Step 2: Craft a 1-Year Vision For Your Career

If you’ve done vision work in the past, you know how important this step is. If not, it can feel a little intimidating.

That’s why you might need a little help to create a clear, compelling vision for yourself by this time next year. As enterprising salon professionals, this is the most powerful, energizing step you can take to create a breakthrough in your beauty industry career.Salon Professional Vision Plan to Be Your Own Boss

Are you content to remain a booth renter?

Or do you dream of becoming a salon owner?

And if you already own a salon, how will you simplify your life while getting more of what you want most?

To get some help to define your vision, click here: Four Tips For Creating A Compelling Vision

Step 3: Determine What Steps You’ll Need To Take

To turn your vision into your reality, you must define what you want to make happen over the next 12 months.

Vision Scanning

“Vision Scanning” is when you go on a treasure hunt to determine to what needs to happen to make your vision a reality in one year. It’s simple when you know how. For more guidance, click Vision Scanning.

Step 4: Layout Your Month-To-Month Plan

Salon Professionals Ultimate Plan for 2017Now you are ready to lay out what needs to happen on a quarterly and monthly basis. This is how you make sure you do what you intend to do, your client base grows, and the money flows in as you desire.

But don’t be fooled. The magic is not in the steps outlined above. The magic is actually in doing the work of planning for the year ahead. This is the missing piece, most likely, that has kept you from the breakthrough you have been wanting.

When you complete this 4-step process, you’ll gain greater confidence, clarity and commitment to your career goals as a salon professional. You’ll feel more alive, on purpose and committed to embrace the positive behaviors and best practices that make for a rich and rewarding life.

Need More Help?

To help you create a powerful plan for 2017, download out this FREE Quick Start Guide:

How To Create A Kick-Ass Plan To Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

You’ll discover:

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  • The single biggest mistake salon professionals make that keep them spinning their wheels
  • Proven tips for keeping your plan free from stress and worry
  • One simple step to ensure your vision becomes your reality

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