Salon Pro Exclusive: An Undiscovered Way to Increase Repeat Business and Profits!

Salon Pro Exclusive: An Undiscovered Way to Increase Repeat Business and Profits!

salon pro exclusiveSalon Pro Exclusive: Business Growth Tips

When you work independently as a salon professional, you’ll need products to use and products to sell. In this Salon Pro Exclusive, you’ll discover the reasons why…

You’ll keep clients longer by retailing product to them!

Clients who don’t buy products from you are 60% more likely to leave. But the good news is, almost all of your clients who purchase 3 or more products from you will come back again and again.

An added benefit – One of the fastest ways to double your income is to sell more product.


The reason is easy to understand…

The right hair products enhance your work and help attract new clients to you

Weeks after they’ve been in to see you, when your clients are still looking great, they will become free “advertising” for you. Plus, with lasting results your clients are more likely to refer you to their friends and family.

salon pro exclusive

Another Salon Pro Exclusive Tip – As you know, your repeat guests are looking for your guidance. If you don’t recommend products, they will simply buy them elsewhere.

That’s why it’s to your benefit – and theirs – to ask yourself, what other professional products can you offer your clients to solve their needs between appointments?

Virtually all of your clients use shampoos, conditioners, styling tools or hair sprays. Billions of dollars are spent per year on hair care products nationally, but only a small percentage of that is spent on hair care products sold in salons.

You are a salon consultant – so act the part!

Salon Plaza ExclusiveHelp your clients! If you teach them about professional products and make them feel better about themselves, you will become more to your clients than “an average stylist.” Truth is, being out of stock or forgetting to recommend products is like pouring money down the drain.

That’s why you must control your inventory

Let me ask you a question. Has the shop you work in now ever run out of color supplies to use on your clients? If you don’t have a private workspace, things have a tendency to disappear…  and leave you to be out of stock. Unfortunately, getting ripped off by co-worker and never discovering “who took what, when,” DOES happen…

The best way to control your space is to serve your clients out of your own studio salon. When you own your own studio, you can be the one who is in control of your inventory.

When it comes to hair salon inventory…

How will you be sure you’re getting the lowest, best price?

Hair salon inventory purchasing and control is a key task of managing a salon profitably.

Shop around to find a reliable supplier of your preferred products at competitive prices. It’s worth the trouble to find your best source that provides both excellent prices and products in stock.

If you run out of product, it could be for several reasons… all made more challenging when you have other salon pros working in the same space. This Salon Pro Exclusive post shares the

5 Reasons Why Salon Pros Run Out Of Product:

1. No system in place to track when products are used

2. No system in place for ordering products before running out

3. Delays with the product supplier that you rely on

4. Higher product usage or sales than you expected

5. Other stylists using your products without asking

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