March 6, 2015

Salon Plaza’s Karen Antiporda – Me Time Lash Lounge – Sponsors DC Pageant!


SalonPlazaKarenAntipordaMeTimeLashLoungeExciting News!

Salon Plaza’s Member of the Month for March, Karen Antiporda, owner of Me Time Lash Lounge in Herndon VA, has been chosen for an exciting opportunity –

Follow her amazing success story here:

Hi there, it’s Karen, owner of Me Time Lash Lounge at Salon Plaza Herndon VA.

Guess what!

Me Time Lash Lounge has been invited to be a sponsor for the Mrs. DC America Beauty Pageant on March 14 at the French Embassy.

Lindagrace De La Cruz asked me to help her compete and win! It’s a black tie event… I get to go and do her lashes! If she wins, she’ll compete in Mrs. America. Check it out: Mrs DC America.

To find out how it turns out…

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Why Get Lash Extensions?

Individual lash extensions make a big difference in your look. They bring out the beauty of your eyes and facial features. Applied lash by lash, they don’t impede the growth of your natural lash.

How I Came To Own Me Time Lash Lounge

Three years ago in esthetician school, I learned all about skin care, waxing and the basics of individual lash extensions.

I liked the impact of long lashes so much that I started to plan how I would open a lash lounge. I kept a notebook full of ideas, websites, and the work of other professionals.


Still in school, I bought products to practice on a manikin. I was so excited about it that right after graduating as an esthetician, I took a 2-day eyelash extension training in Philadelphia.

They taught me…

  • Proper applications and design
  • How to care for lashes to make them last
  • The growing phase of natural lash
  • Everything about lashes!

To own a practice like Me Time Lash Lounge, you must be certified for lash extension. I got my certification in April after 6 months of practicing every single day.

Although doing beautiful lash extensions is meticulous and time-consuming, it wasn’t hard for me to learn for two reasons. First, I was a dental assistant for 10 years and was used to working with my hands and sitting in that same position.

It’s just that now I get to work on eyes instead of mouths!

Another reason is that doing individual lash extensions is just like art. You have different lengths, styles, diameters, and materials to chose from. I’m artistic. I love art. One of my hobbies is to make earrings.

When I first started I worked from home in the basement. I gained experience with my family, my friends, and my friends’ friends. Word-of-mouth began to spread, and my business started to pick up.

So when I heard about Salon Plaza opening in Herndon, I took a risk. I signed a lease and opened Me Time Lash Longe for business in the largest studio in the Worldgate Centre.

9 Surefire Ways I Build My Business:

  1. Offering online booking
  2. Special offer for first time clients: $10 off regular price
  3. Instagram
  4. Groupon
  5. Yelp
  6. Loyalty program
  7. Referral program
  8. Lash refill program
  9. Referrals from Salon Plaza Members

That last one, referrals from Salon Plaza Members, is two-way. I often refer my clients to Members for hair care.

Online booking makes setting appointments easy for clients and saves me a lot of time. You can fill out forms online and receive confirmation automatically by email and text. Give it a try!

Instagram has been great. Why Instagram? It’s easy to use and easy access. Images get shared to my Facebook page automatically. I always take before and after photos with my phone and post them.

  • When I show them to clients, they love it!

SalonPlazaKarenAntipordaMeTimeLashLounge2At Salon Plaza, I can create a great atmosphere for clients

In my studio, I offer coffee and tea. If this is your initial set, we spend 15 minutes with the consultation, which includes lash design and aftercare.

Because aftercare is important to the health of your natural lashes, you will receive a small aftercare gift when you leave.

Once you have the lash extensions, you will never look at your lashes the same way. It’s so much fun to wake up feeling and looking glamorous every day!

Groupon works for me because once they see the quality of my work, they tend to become loyal clients.

I must be doing something right!

Since the beginning, I’ve had no trouble meeting my lease, not at all. I started from zero, but I had a good feeling it was going to work. I took a really big risk.

See how many clients I’ve served since the Grand Opening on November 9:

  • Nov 25 appointments
  • Dec 60 appointments
  • Jan 76 appointments
  • Feb 89 appointments

So far this March I already have seen 67 new and returning clients. My lash lounge is so busy, I’ve been able to bring in another Lash Extensionist who works at the same time I do.

I’m looking forward to opening a second lash extension lounge in another Salon Plaza location. I’m getting lots of support to grow – check out these 10 Salon Owner Success Secrets.

I stay positive and do the right thing. That’s how my business grows.

If you’re like me and DREAM about owning your own spa for any kind of beauty care – hair, nail, skin – then do it! What are you waiting for?


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