April 3, 2015

Salon Plaza: The Perfect Balance for Fadila Muhammad Natural Hair Care


SalonPlazaMemberFadilaMuhammedgranddaughter - The Perfect Balance with Salon Plaza

The Perfect Balance For Fadila…

“You are fabulous. Your talent and friendship are invaluable. Thank you, Fadila. Much love, Susan D., Hyattsville, MD”

Meet Salon Plaza’s Fabulous Fadila Muhammad, owner of Fadila’s Studio in District Heights, MD

Relax with Natural Hair Care and a Mini-Facial… Here’s WHY Salon Plaza Chose Fadila as the April Member of the Month:

One day way back in the 6th grade I didn’t like the way my mom wasn’t getting my part straight. She said,

“You do it.”

I’ve been braiding and cornrowing hair ever since! Years ago I spread myself too thin by doing too many different things. I wanted more time to eat out with family and friends and to travel.

I asked God,

“How can I slow down and have time for what really matters to me – faith, family, nature walks, educational classes, and volunteering at the mosque and food bank.”

He guided me to follow my passion and simplify my life. I focused on doing natural hair and got my Esthetician license in 1997. I liked receiving facials and thought other people would like it as well.

Now I put the two together – natural hair with a mini-facial (maybe with clay or oatmeal), a hot towel and a face massage. This takes about 15 minutes. It’s quick, regenerative, and relaxing. And, it is the perfect balance.

Natural hair means no chemicals, natural. I trim split ends. I do coils and locs – curled, cut into styles, shortened with bangs… that’s my passion, natural hair. Many clients get started with me when they transition away from damaging chemicals. I have clients who come from all around. Some have moved away and they come see me when they come back in town.

You can make an appointment to see me – Contact Fadila’s Studio in District Heights, MD

Salon Professionals: What’s your Perfect Balance? Why not find out now –

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How I Found Salon Plaza

While working in a traditional, multi-chair salon, I loved what I was doing… but for me, I like less drama. When it was time for a change, I just drove around town and walked into different salons to see the atmosphere.

“I just happened upon it… the ideal space for my dreams.”

At first, I didn’t realize I’d found my Prosperity Space. From the outside, you can’t see how vast it is and all that Salon Plaza offers. I love how each individual salon space is all-inclusive: insurance, overhead, maintenance – everything I need to live my dream.

And a Big PLUS:

I didn’t have to hire anyone! That was 17 years ago. The same year my granddaughter, Damali, was born. That’s her in the photo making a funny face.

A Nurturing and Humble Spirit

SalonPlazaMemberFadilaMuhammadDistrictHeightsMD - The Perfect Balance with Salon Plaza

I only take one client at a time. This allows me to quietly share my love of doing hair and pampering others. Relatives, friends, and referrals come to me to get away from their hectic, tech-obsessed lives to get pampered and receive one-on-one caring attention from me.

No one is the boss of me here. In my own salon space, I can make each client feel like she or he matters to me because they do. At the same time, I can release someone who is not the best match.

It’s all about mutual respect. My clients need to be on time, accept my prices, and be respectful in speech. Otherwise, I won’t feel at peace with them, or they with me. That’s the kind of lovely atmosphere I maintain here.

Salon Plaza allows me the time flexibility and freedom to do the other things I love and have peace with it. I come out of the mindset of the 60’s and 70’s –

“I’m Black and I’m Proud”

That’s why I traveled to Egypt and Senegal. I enjoy taking African dance classes – I love the clothes, the fabric, and the colors.

Salon Plaza helps us find the perfect balance and grow. Our Income Prosperity Club Coaching Calls every Monday have been great. I’m learning a lot and getting to know Members from different Plazas.

Here Are My Top 10 Take-Aways So Far:

1. Giving focus to what’s important in life: Health, Family, Spirit, and Work

2. Shaping up my priorities and values

3. Looking closely at my purpose and mission

4. Discovering what makes me special – why people should choose me

5. Asking, “What’s the opposite of the benefit I provide” to get at the underlying problems I solve from my clients’ perspective

6. Talking right to them about the problems I solve and the solutions I provide for them

7. Knowing what keeps my clients coming back and developing my brand promise

8. Connecting with my customers by being a good listener because people want to be heard

9. Knowing my numbers – where I am now financially in my business and tracking my progress to improve

10. Getting past obstacles – Holding on to my image of what’s possible to blast past obstacles with a plan and prayers

No excuses – just do it!

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Salon Plaza offers camaraderie without the drama. I love the group dynamics and welcome new stylists. Close friendships develop and we sometimes get together for lunch or to go bowling. Between running a multi-chair salon and having a shop in my home –

“Salon Plaza has the Perfect Balance!”


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