Salon Plaza's Rachel Vicari At Fountain Square: If SHE can, YOU can!

Salon Plaza’s Rachel Vicari At Fountain Square: If SHE can, YOU can!



“Someone just described my hair color as perfect!”

~ Blair Parks, client of Rachel Vicari,


Salon Plaza Fountain Square Richmond VA color - Rachel VicariNative to Richmond VA, Rachel Vicari opened her A Cut To Dye For hair salon at Salon Plaza in Fountain Square when she was ONLY 21 years old!

If SHE can, YOU CAN!

Pictured on the left, we chose Rachel Vicari as our October Member of the Month because of her unique flair with hair, her calm, reassuring way of building trust, and how comfortable and safe her clients feel in her chair.

With Rachel’s clear-headed ways, she steadily builds her business on a solid foundation. With a calm confidence she’ll reach her goals, she consistently delivers on her promises, on time.

Thoughtful, trustworthy and dependable, people listen closely to what she has to say… 

Here’s A Recent Interview Where Rachel Vicari Reveals How She Gained Her Freedom As A Salon Owner:

Salon Plaza: How did you get started as a cosmetologist?

Rachel: I knew college wasn’t for me, so I went to beauty school my junior and senior years of high school. I was just trying it out to see if I liked it, and I ended up liking it. At age 18 I started working at Regis.

Salon Plaza: How did you first hear about Salon Plaza?

Rachel: A fellow stylist at Regis told me about it. I came to take a tour and signed a lease on my lunch break.

Salon Plaza: Did you really sign up that fast?!

Rachel: Yep. I talked to Courtney, the Plaza Leader at the time, asked about pricing and what it included. I signed the lease, went back to work and quit. I opened my salon on August 1st, 2010… I was 21 at the time.

Salon Plaza: Wow! Only 21! That was courageous. What did you like about the opportunity?

Rachel: Not having a boss or giving up 60% of what I made to a corporation. I wanted my own shop without having to get a massive business loan.

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Salon Plaza: What made you think you’d be successful?

Rachel: I had no idea. I was just taking a chance.

Salon Plaza Richmond VA Fountain Square A Cut To Dye ForSalon Plaza: How has running your own salon changed your life?

Rachel: I make more money and don’t have to work as many hours. It’s definitely easier to work here. I have more time that is my own, and my coworkers are not dramatic.

Salon Plaza: What keeps you at Salon Plaza now?

Rachel: Being my own boss. The one thing I would not change about Salon Plaza is the freedom we have as business owners.

Salon Plaza: What was the hardest thing about getting started as a salon owner?

Rachel: Knowing if I would have enough business. My income has always been good since I opened “A Cut To Dye For”. Within the first year, I began to feel confident I would always have enough. I definitely make more money now than when I worked for Regis.

Salon Plaza: Did you keep many of the clients you had at Regis?

Salon Plaza Richmond VA Fountain Square Rachel VicariRachel: Yes. I knew I’d quit soon because I wasn’t happy there. I didn’t want to keep giving away 60% of everything I made to the corporation.

So when I did my clients’ color, I started taking their addresses and phone numbers down. The manager at Regis told me those were Regis clients who came to me because they wanted Regis, not me personally. I left it up to the clients to decide.

More than 80% came with me. My new salon was only 5 miles away, which made it easier for them to follow me here.

Salon Plaza: Is running your salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio like you thought it would be?

Rachel: Yep, it is what I expected. The people working at Fountain Square are extremely friendly, welcoming and approachable, so that helps. They are very nice people. Absolutely professional. And there’s a sense of community.

Salon Plaza: What do you admire most about the Members?

Rachel: They all have different skills. Nice. Hardworking. Each person runs their business successfully and they are all successful.

Salon Plaza: Have you seen Members come and go?

Rachel: Yes, there have been a few.

Salon Plaza: What makes the difference between Members who succeed and those who just gets by or don’t make it as a salon owner?

Rachel: You need to be available to your clients.

Salon Plaza: What advice would you give to anyone who is considering Salon Plaza?

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