Salon Plaza's Marketing Wheel: 8 Spokes For Prosperity In 2014

Salon Plaza’s Marketing Wheel: 8 Spokes For Prosperity In 2014


Salon Plazas Marketing Wheel resized 600Let’s Start 2014 Off Right With Your Marketing Wheel To Prosperity

Who else wants a salon that runs more smoothly, is less stressful, and provides more free-time?

Salon Plaza Member Danielle TheStylist Leads The Way

At Salon Plaza, we have identified 8 key areas of marketing every salon owner or independent cosmetologist should put in place, strengthen over time, and keep balanced for the smoothest ride to prosperity.

We discovered these spokes on our “Marketing Wheel” by interviewing 27 of our most successful and happiest Salon Plaza Members. We found out what they do to earn the kind of income they need to support the lifestyle they desire.

Our Members’ generously shared how they consistently strengthen their business and grow their full potential behind the chair… and beyond!

8 Spokes On The Wheel of Prosperity:

  1. Tapping deeply into your WHY to keep you energized and eager to serve.
  2. Providing a WOW client experience that consistently sets you apart.
  3. Crafting a MESSAGE that defines your strengths and promises to give your prospects what they desire most.
  4. Reaching clients of MEANS who don’t make decisions solely on the basis of price.
  5. Designing a system that encourages referrals and REWARDS those who promote you.
  6. Getting your message out to LOCAL neighborhoods and businesses.
  7. Developing an ONLINE presence that builds relationships, showcases your latest work, provides social proof and encourages sharing.
  8. Increasing the LTV – lifetime value – of each client.

Action Step:

Salon Plaza Marketing Wheel resized 600“What does YOUR Wheel of Prosperity look like?”

Take a minute to honestly rate yourself on each of these spokes of your wheel—with close to the center being “haven’t started yet” and out to the edge being “reliably produces results”.

Start by drawing the wheel. Next, put a dot on the outer edge of spoke 1 if your WHY is solid. Continue around on the 8 spokes.

For example, on spoke 4, if you don’t have a way to reach clients who are not price-sensitive, then put a dot near the center of the wheel. If you have tried reaching out to a market with the means to afford you, but don’t have a system in place that consistently works, then rate yourself somewhere in the middle.

Now connect the dots. How wide and smooth is your ride to prosperity?

Doing this will identify your greatest opportunities for improvement and reveal how balanced your marketing is. For instance, if you get a lot of referrals but don’t have an online presence yet, you’ll know where to focus your marketing efforts in 2014.

Your Turn:

What is the strongest spoke of your Marketing Wheel? Leave us a comment about what is working best to grow your revenues.

If the 8 spokes of your wheel aren’t fully in place yet, check out our 52 Keys To Salon Owner Success. One Key will arrive in your inbox each week to help you establish yourself and keep you on track.

You’ll get Salon Plaza’s uncommon strategies and the most comprehensive training we’ve ever put together. These Keys To Success will show you how to get your marketing wheel in place and strengthen each spoke to prosperity.

Do this and you will have a salon business that provides you with the income you need to create the lifestyle you desire. Any worries that occasionally – or consistently – keep you awake at night will long be in the past. You’ll look forward to your work schedule and be able to enjoy taking vacations guilt-free.

This is the closest thing to having a Salon Plaza Member personally take you by the hand and mentor you to double or possibly even triple your revenues.

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