Salon Plaza Members Build Their Reputations with Personal Websites in These 7 Steps

Salon Plaza Members Build Their Reputations with Personal Websites in These 7 Steps

Attention Salon Plaza Members:

Does Your Personal Website Look FRESH and COMPELLING Right NOW?

Salon Plaza Members website Angie Boyd-Gathers

As a skilled salon pro, salon owner and Salon Plaza Member, chances are you’ve already created your personal website.

That’s GREAT because your Salon Plaza Member website gives you the opportunity to show off your talents, build your reputation and connect with new clients.

Question: Are you using this promotional opportunity to your fullest advantage? And will you really make that irresistible first impression?

Salon Plaza Supports Member Success

That’s why we’ve put together these 7 Steps to Build Your Reputation Online:

Step #1: Get Back to the Basics

When you become a Member, Salon Plaza helps you get off to a fast start so you can live a life of FREEDOM, POWER and GROWTH on your terms.

Salon Plaza Members can easily get their personal sites looking super savvy and up-to-date. And the best news is, it will help you grow your clientele in 3 ways:

  • Get found in online searches for services like yours
  • Build your reputation as a skilled salon pro
  • Make scheduling easy for a FULL book

But if key info isn’t visible on your site, then it won’t help you book new appointments anytime soon.

Taking the time to plug your basic info into your website – and keep it current – builds your connection with the clients you serve. When creating or updating your Salon Plaza website, your Personal Website Checklist will help you get it done fast and stay on-track.

Salon Plaza Members: Check your emails to receive your Personal Website Checklist. Look for the subject line “How to Build Your Reputation Online”.

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Now, for the fun stuff…

Step #2: Make Yourself Stand Out

In addition to your name, salon name and contact info, your Salon Plaza Member personal website makes it easy for you to stand out and be seen. With simple clicks you can upload a photo gallery and highlight your services.

Including before-and-after photos really gets you noticed. And sorting your services into descriptive categories lets the potential new client learn more about the kind of attention you provide.

Step #3: Get Noticed!

Salon Plaza Member websites highlight the best feature: YOU!

To attract new clients, your profile photo makes that crucial first impression. Your personal website allows you to choose your featured photo. Remember to look professional and approachable in your profile image. Choose one where you look directly into the camera and smile!

Shadha Alani Beauty Salon Plaza ManassasAlternatively, you can use your logo or an image that communicates what you do for your clients.

For example, Salon Plaza Member Shadha Alani, owner of Alani’s Beauty chose a profile photo of her skincare services that is clear, professional and illustrative for new clients. Take a look!

Step #4: Tell Your Story

At the end of the day, no one else can be you. This truth is your Super Power. Can you describe what makes you stand out from the crowd?

To get the most out of your personal website, you must give viewers a compelling reason to learn more about you.

Start by asking yourself, why do your ideal clients choose you? When you can describe WHY (among all the alternatives) your guests choose YOU, your website will begin to attract clients like crazy!

Once you understand the reasons your perfect clients keep coming back to you for beauty services, you can attract new customers by posting those compelling words on your website in the ABOUT section.

Salon Plaza Members Hair Salons Sterling LeaFor instance, if your specialty is to transform your client’s look with hair color, then write about how fantastic your clients will feel with new shine and shimmer. A well-written ABOUT section powerfully distinguishes you from all the other stylists in your area.

Salon Plaza Member Lea Mengistu, owner of Lea’s Salon Studio has written a compelling description of who she is and what she offers. Her story works because it includes her history, expertise and interests.

Most importantly, it highlights the benefits her clients will receive as a guest in her studio.

Salon Plaza Members: For more help with this, check your inbox for an exclusive email with the subject line “How to Build Your Reputation Online”.

Step #5: Get FOUND with KEYWORDS

In the world of web marketing, you might have heard about SEO and Keywords. What that means: For new customers to find you on Google, Yelp and lots of other places on the web, choose the right Keywords and use them properly for SEO (search engine optimization).

When local people are looking for services like yours, wisely choosing your Keywords will help bring you to the top of their search. It will boost you above all the rest when someone near you is looking for what you do.

Salon Plaza Members: Check your email inbox to get the download on how to choose your best Keywords and use them in your website to your advantage. Look for subject line: “How to Build Your Reputation Online”.

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Step # 6: Link Everything

To grow your reputation and get more bookings, provide links to your online scheduler and social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Salon Plaza Member Shadha Alani, owner of Alani Beauty builds her online presence by adding connections. In addition to her phone number, she includes links to her Facebook Page and online scheduler.

Step # 7: Let Others Tell Your Story

Sharing reviews from WOW’d clients will earn your perfect client’s trust. Because you can upload before-and-after photos and add testimonials, your Salon Plaza Member website makes this a snap.

Salon Plaza Members testimonial Teresa Price

Check out Salon Plaza Member Teresa Price. Her personal website includes a powerful ABOUT section, SERVICES, a photo GALLERY and TESTIMONIALS.

Don’t hesitate to actively show up for your clients online. Not only does your Salon Plaza personal website show off YOU, when new customers search and find you online, they’ll reach out for appointments. Your book will be fuller than ever before!

There you have it.

Go ahead and put your Salon Plaza Personal Website to its best use with these 7 attention-getting steps. New customers will find you, you’ll book more appointments and your reputation will grow!

And if you get stuck, remember that Salon Plaza is here to help you succeed.

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