Salon Plaza Members: Join Our Income Prosperity Club & Reach 6-Figures

Salon Plaza Members: Join Our Income Prosperity Club & Reach 6-Figures

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This Post Links To The Best Salon Owner Success Advice Gathered To Date… So Keep Reading And Discover:

“Why Most Salon Owners Are DEAD WRONG About How To Join The Income Prosperity Club, And The PROVEN STEPS You Must Take To Earn 6-Figures In THIS Economy Right Now”

With Special Guest Shadonna Bethel, Debra-Sue Cope Reveals The Skills, Attitudes, And Actions That Separate 6-Figure Earners from “Just-Over-Broke” Dreamers


What I have to share with you “goes against the grain” of what you may have learned about the beauty industry and how to achieve a life of prosperity. But if you truly “get it” like many of our loyal Salon Plaza Members who have been with us for 5 – 10 – 20+ years, then keep reading…

The Plain And Simple TRUTH:

income prosperity salon_owner_success_stories_fishThe Talents, Mindset, And Training That Got You To This Point In Your Career As A  Beauty Professional Will FAIL To SUPPORT YOU On Your Way To A Steady 6-Figure Income

Earning a “Just-Over-Broke” salary that rises and falls with the seasons is the norm for most salon owners. It leads to stress, anxiety, and wondering if you’re going to be able to meet the next lease payment… week after week, month after month, year after year.

So if you’re thinking about opening a salon, or if you already own a salon, then you’re in the right place. Because what I have to share with you is a COMPLETE departure from what “regular” beauty professionals think and do when it comes to their income prosperity.

That’s simply because the rules CHANGE when you leave your J-O-B and open your own shop. Tell us what you struggle with most…

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Pure and Simple

You simply MUST throw out old habits of doing… and thinking… right out the door. And welcome in a new set of skills, steps, and “ways” of doing things.

Even If You Have No Faith You Could Ever Consistently Earn 6-Figures, You MUST Keep Reading If You Expect To Survive The Dangerous Bermuda Triangle Of Overhead, Insurance, and Taxes

If you believe you can “stick it out” at the income level you are now, then think about this: Food prices are going up, housing has skyrocketed and college costs for your kids are out of sight. A solid 6-figures is an income you must shoot for… not just for your own income prosperity but for your family’s survival.

You’ve seen the costs for just about everything (except prices for your salon services?) continue to increase. This “cost/price squeeze” tends to leave too much month at the end of the money. So if you think you can “muddle along” earning the same as you are earning now, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk.

Are You Working Yourself “To Death”?

If you’re already making 6-figures now, you may be feeling like you’re “missing out” because of the 50 to 60 hour work week you’ve been putting in at your salon. True? Yes?

Then your family will really benefit if you can change your thoughts and actions and build a bigger life FOR them… and WITH them. And the best part is this:

This Freedom-Shift Can Happen For ANY Beauty Professional… At Any Time

You see, we have Members using these strategies who are quietly netting a substantial income while still spending time with their family, friends, and hobbies.

Consider our Salon Plaza Member Shadonna Bethel. You may know her as Shadonna Jordan. This Celebrity Stylist started her own salon at the tender age of 21 based on a powerful belief in herself, the ability to hold a vision, and the determination to blast past any obstacles that stand in her way.

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill - incomeprosperity

Shadonna has mastered the concepts shared in this 6-Figure Income Prosperity Club.

Just in this past year alone, she has written a book, appeared on the Steve Harvey Show, received a patent for a product, opened a second business – HLS Hair Loss Solutions Virginia – became a Certified Trichologist… and started a new, happy marriage to Diandre Bethel!

She knows as much as anybody I’ve ever met about overcoming obstacles and completing what she sets out to do. She published an awesome book, “Beyond The Chair: How To Get The Most Out Of Your Career”.

And she knows a whole lot more than 99% of salon owners about how to attract new customers and build client loyalty.

Her favorite book is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. She confided to me…

“All the successful people I know have read that book. Not everyone reads, and that’s a downfall. But if you just read that one book, it will change your life.” 

Be A Doer Not A Sayer

This IS real, and it’s the kind of power you could use to fuel any vision and purpose you have for yourself. For now, know that you CAN mega-charge your ability to achieve your deepest dreams with what I’m about to share with you in Salon Plaza’s Income Prosperity Club.

Failure To Follow These Secrets Could Forever Leave You Beneath The 6-Figure Barrier

Truth Be Told:

You’re setting yourself up for a HUGE risk if you just “settle for” what you’re earning now. You’ll be working “in” your business year after year, month after month…feeling like you’re “stuck” all the time. And when your family wants to take that vacation or your kids want you to buy that toy, you’ll have to explain why Mom or Dad can’t afford it.

There is another way! 

Especially when the knowledge, systems, tactics, and expertise currently EXIST…and while many salon professionals just like you are using them to attract amazing incomes. So if you feel like you’re stuck in your career and aren’t sure where to turn to REALLY boost your income, be gentle with yourself because…

“It’s Not Your Fault”

You’ve gone as far as you can with what you know now. And when it comes to learning and practicing the habits of 6-figure income earners, you can’t listen to what friends and family are saying.

Here’s Your Chance To Discover What Makes “Ordinary” Salon Professionals Earn 6 Figures Whether Or Not The Economy Is Going UP (or down)

Best part: It’s FREE to Salon Plaza Members – Monday’s at Noon.

Get the details and let us know your biggest challenges… 

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