Salon Plaza Members Elect To Make A Difference

Salon Plaza Members Elect To Make A Difference

Salon Plaza Members Elect to Make a DifferenceSalon Plaza Members Elect The Future

In four days, we will elect a new President of the United States. Whichever way the election goes, some of us will be relieved, happy and hopeful, while others may feel the opposite. It’s been that kind of a campaign.

Let’s give a little more thought to that word ELECTION.

The word itself means… the act of choosing. We elect many things. We elect where we will live. We elect where we will work. We elect how we will respond to others and give back to the community.

In this month of choosing a new national leader, as Salon Plaza Members it’s timely to consider our own personal choices and their consequences. Each of our “elections”— our choices — shape our future. Not just on Election Day, but every day.

By Our Choices, We Elect Our Future

It’s easy to see how our big choices — where we elect to live, who we elect to marry, the career we elect to pursue — will have long-term consequences in our lives. That’s why it makes sense to carefully consider the big decisions, the ones that clearly shape our future.

So let me ask you…

What is Your WHY?

Salon Plaza Member Elect the Suite Spot of OwnershipHow did YOU become fascinated with the beauty industry?

Perhaps your family and friends sensed you had a knack and would call on you for beauty tips. If you’re like many of our Members, your passion for making others feel and look beautiful helped you to decide to become a beauty professional.

Not so noticeable is how all the many small decisions we make throughout the day also shape our future.

Consider how you greet your neighbor or client. Choosing to respond with kindness and respect makes an impact. How often has your day been brightened just because someone said something kind to you, or gave you a smile when you least expected it?

Stepping Out On Faith

Let me tell you a story about two of our established Salon Plaza Members who elected to step out on faith. Twenty years ago, they became business partners and opened their first salon together. Over the next 10 years they owned as many as eight salons throughout the eastern shore and the DMV.

Caring about their daily impact, they found ways to give back to others. They helped stylists get licensed who might not otherwise have the opportunity. And they helped girls who maybe got into a little bit of trouble and needed to do community service.

Electing to Create a Brighter Future

Back then they owned a hair salon in the same shopping center where the very first Salon Plaza was about to open… practically next door! Their salon’s lease was coming up, which prompted a BIG discussion.

At that time, studio salons were a totally new concept in salon ownership. One of the partners saw the opportunity first. Instead of renewing their lease and being in competition with Salon Plaza Members, he thought they should step out and do something new.

Salon Plaza Members "Suite Spot" Would It Be TOO HARD to Give It All Up?

At first this seemed like too much of a change, having already run big salons. But then they considered all the headaches of owning a salon in the traditional way – dealing with employee turnover, cost of utilities going up, unexpected maintenance blowups, and more. That’s when the whole idea of running their salon from a Salon Plaza Studio began to make sense.

Electing to run their salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio seemed like a good opportunity to pay less and make more.

Besides, they were both getting older. Giving up their big salon and signing on with Salon Plaza was looking more and more like the right thing to do. That’s why they decided to become part of the Salon Plaza family.

They Loved It!

As Salon Plaza Members, no longer did they have to worry about turning the lights out at night, hiring and firing stylists, or anything like that. As studio salon owners, there were fewer bills to pay. They got to keep more of their hard earned cash in their pocket.

That was 19 years ago… and they haven’t missed a thing.

Salon Plaza meets their needs in terms of professionalism, fairness, and providing a comfortable space their clients enjoy. Their Area Leader is professional and fair. He cares for his Plaza Members and understands the highs and lows of the beauty profession. He has the wisdom of a good soul.

Just like in any election, when your leader has the right attitude, it makes a big difference.

Not only has Salon Plaza surpassed their expectations in a big way. In their studio salon they continue to give back to the community.  They can still help others get their beauty license or fulfill community service hours. Signing on for their twentieth year, they look forward to many more years at Salon Plaza.

As their personal story clearly shows, both the major and daily choices we make do impact our lives, and the lives of others.

Better than big – Salon Plaza is the “Suite” Spot of Ownership!

Attention Salon Professionals in Maryland and Virginia:

• Are you a salon owner who wants to simplify your life?

• Or a booth renter who is ready to open your own shop?

Take the cue from our Members…

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