Why Salon Plaza Members Are Active On Twitter [& U should B2]

Why Salon Plaza Members Are Active On Twitter [& U should B2]


Attention Salon Owners, Hairstylists, Nail Techs, Barbers, Estheticians and Massage Therapists – Are you on Twitter?

If not, you should be!

Twitter for salon owners is one of the absolute best, and in my mind, THE BEST social media platforms.

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Why? I’ll tell you in a minute, and (even better)…


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How to Use Twitter to Build Your Book WITHOUT Wasting TIME

… but first, let me introduce myself to you.

I’m Nicole Luffman. I handle Salon Plaza’s social media and spend a lot of my time on Twitter. So if you’ve been wondering who’s behind all those tweets, now you know!

Being a social media expert fits my life perfectly. I’m married with 2 summer-born baby boys, 10 and 12 years, fixing to turn 11 and 13… too soon!

Do you find time goes by so fast, you don’t want to miss anything keeping someone else’s hours?

I sure do.

Nicole Luffman why Salon Plaza - Twitter for Salon ProfessionalsMy boys mean everything to me. They are the main reason why I choose to work from home. I’ve been a marketer for seven years. Two years ago I took a chance on running my own social media business to see if I could make a go of it, for their sake.

If I hadn’t, I would still be left out of their parent-teacher conferences, field trips… it devastates me to miss anything of theirs. Now I never miss a football practice or whatever else they get to do.

Plus, when they get home from school I’m right here for them – that’s the best, being here and asking how their day went.

Creating an Environment of Discipline

Living in the south, it’s really laid back here. I was born in Michigan, raised by Yankees, but grew up in the south. I am a little more strict than most parents.
Nicole Luffman- why Salon Plaza - Twitter for Salon Professionals

There’s nothing better than spending time together to develop real love and respect. For a lot of folks, family time is getting less and less.

Parents are the first and foremost teachers of their children. I want to instill family values and personal integrity in my children. That definitely comes with teaching them how to respect others.

That’s just like Salon Plaza Members – I admire how you maintain your professional independence while working together in a community. You’re your own boss, make your own hours, and live your own dream…

AND you have support from others who face the same challenges and share their successes.

You are in business FOR yourself, not BY yourself

We’re a lot alike.

So now that you know where I’m coming from.. and why I admire YOU… I’ll share with you why I think Twitter is the BEST social media for salon professionals like you to spend your time on.

5 Reasons WHY Salon Plaza Suggest Using Twitter for Salon Professions is Best:

1.  There’s a balanced mix of consumers looking for businesses and businesses looking for consumers.

2.  You can tweet easily from home, your salon, or anywhere you happen to be, and interact with the public.

3.  You get to promote something that is good and helpful. I enjoy tweeting about Salon Plaza because they help other professionals become more prosperous. In the same way, you get to tweet about your passion – helping others look and feel their best.

4.  Twitter fits the beauty industry. So many different hairstyles and products are showcased, your prospects and clients will quickly learn a lot about hair, nails, skin and looking beautiful. Make sure the main person they learn from is you by actively tweeting!

5.  It’s fun. What makes it fun is that it feels like you’re interacting one-on-one. You get to see people’s real personalities. We are more candid when we can’t see someone’s face.

Which Tweets Are Most Popular?

Want to know which are the most popular topics I tweet about?

Salon Plaza Member Stories are #1!

Anything about our Members gets the most interaction because people like to read about people in their industry who are doing well.

Why Salon Plaza Member Stories are Popular…

Member Success Stories tell salon professionals who want to own a studio salon…

“If they can, maybe I can too.”

Our Member locations that get the most tweets are:

  • Richmond VA
  • Norfolk VA
  • Glenn Burnie MD

“Stay connected with us on Twitter… because we’re having a contest to see which locations can get the most tweets… with some kind of prize for the Top 3!”

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How to Make Twitter FILL Your Book!

First, make your tweets personal. I don’t tweet like a robot because people respond to things that sound real, like…

“Hey check this out…”

Use your own voice and get the conversation started!

Think about whose attention you want to attract. What else besides Member Stories gets the most clicks, retweeting, and favoriting? It’s #hairstylist, #cosmetologists, #barbers, and #salon. For you, try tweeting different hairstyles, hair products, or nail designs.

Twitter for Salon Professionals at Salon Plaza - why salon plazaYou don’t have to #hashtag your location, but it helps to add your city and state, or the name of your shopping center.

TIP: People tweet a lot about where they are and what they’re doing

“I’m at Such and Such Restaurant” or
“Who else is at Such and Such Plaza?”

People are looking for other people they know in their area. What does this mean to you as a salon owner? If you own ‘Salon of Elegance’ next to ‘San Pablo’s Restaurant’, then tweet,

“Come see me at Salon of Elegance today next to San Pablo’s”

What else should you tweet about?

Twitter for Salon Plaza Members keeps the community informed: #salonplazamember attracts our Members who are on Twitter. It also draws in salon professionals who want to become Members. They like to see the offers and vacancies.

Similarly, you could use #salonofeleganceclient to interact with your clients. Mention your specials and add-ons. If you do this enough, your clients will start to catch on.

If you want more Twitter Tips… Click Here.  In the meantime – don’t miss out on our tips, trends, and tales…

Join Salon Plaza’s Twitter Feed Now to see why Salon Plaza uses it!

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