Salon Plaza Member Chris Brown - Barber Salon Owner in Richmond, VA

Salon Plaza Member Chris Brown – Barber Salon Owner in Richmond, VA

Introducing Salon Plaza Member of the Month Chris Brown, Barber, and owner of Christopher Brown Salon, Chesterfield Towne Ctr, Richmond VA – 

How Chris got started as barber and salon owner, and his 7 Guideposts to aspiring barbers who want to Own It!
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How Chris Got Started As A Barber:

When I was in high school, my mom would take me to the barbershop where I’d have to sit and wait and wait. I got tired of waiting and wondered…

“What if I tried to cut my own hair?” 

I found a pair of clippers that belonged to my great grandfather with one guard and one blade level. I began to cut and fade my hair – and to my surprise, it worked.

I tested my artistic side and put different lines and designs on my head. The clipper would get so hot I’d have to put it down.

I Did Everything With That Clipper

As time went on I started cutting my buddy’s hair and really got good at it. So good that when I applied for an apprenticeship at Special F/X Barbershop, I got the position. I must have impressed them because they wanted me to help cut hair the rest of that trial day.

Eventually, Special F/X became the New Identity Barbershop, and there I stayed for 14 years.

How I Found Salon Plaza:

The Lord and I had a little talk one day about growing my business. Since I had maintained and grown my clientele to a large enough status, God said it was time to move. So I set up the vision and set out for my own shop.

Salon Plaza Chesterfield Towne Center Richmond VA

When I heard about Salon Plaza, I went in and took a tour to see how it was set up.

One thing led to another, and I stepped out on faith and got started. A close friend and family member helped me get set up in just one night – We transformed the studio into something distinctly mine.

That was six and half years ago.

Salon Plaza Allows Me To See What I Can Do On My Own 

When I left New Identity and opened my own shop, 90% to 95% of my clients came with me. But for those who didn’t come, 2 more showed up in their place. I didn’t want to out price myself, but I saw that in my new place I’d have to increase my prices because I was going be paying out more. I was busy back then, but…

Now I’m Even Busier

At Salon Plaza, I have seen nothing but increase. My customers increased, my income increased, and I attracted a more formal clientele.

My customers are walking billboards. People like what they see on their neighbor’s head and they call me. Along with a positive work ethic, putting love into my business allows me to share and uplift others.

Salon Plaza Chesterfield Towne Center Richmond VA

By The Grace of God

My faith is focused on God first, my wife, and my two daughters. Pushing for others, especially your family, gives you the drive to become even more successful.

I put my heart and dedication into this barber shop, along with any ability God has blessed me with – That’s what I believe has made me successful. I thank God for that.

How Does Salon Plaza Help You Grow?

Salon Plaza provides a clean, new, updated environment. In the lobby, a modern touch screen helps visitors locate their stylist.

Chesterfield Mall provides plenty of walk-ins. When customers or new clientele come inside, they step into a professional environment.

7 Guideposts To Any Barber Who Wants To Own It:

  1. Be prayerful and find out if it’s a good move for you in general.
  2. Never think of yourself as failing. Have a goal in mind that has everything to do with increase.
  3. Make sure your earnings are enough to support you. You might need to increase your prices to sustain your business.
  4. Be mindful of how you spend your income and learn to budget it.
  5. Be professional – Develop the mentality of increase and look the part. Have yourself already in the mode of stepping up. That person is clean, sharp and motivated. Look like you are serious about your craft and develop your skills.
  6. Be open to new and different things – hair shows, marketing events, new techniques, and tools, contracts… Things will come in the door that you don’t expect, so be ready.
  7. Always have something that drives you forward. Never give up, even when things seem to be a bit down or going sideways.

Quite a few cosmetologists have come through the Chesterfield Plaza asking about this specific location. Studios don’t stay vacant long. When you come for your tour, be sure to look me up!

I’ll Welcome You To Our Community of Independent Salon Owners…

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