Salon Plaza Member - A True Story About A Salon Owner In Hyattsville

Salon Plaza Member – A True Story About A Salon Owner In Hyattsville


Salon Plaza Member Takes A Chance…

“I am so excited to continue to grow Salon Plaza Michelle Renee Life resized 600my business at Salon Plaza – They have truly changed my life! Salon Plaza Rocks!!!!!”

Picture This…

The job you’ve totally outgrown and hate with a passion ends suddenly when your boss calls
 you into her office and screams:

“You’re FIRED!”

On The One Hand, It’s Good News

The job had grown stale and you’ve been 
planning for months (if not years) to strike out on your own to 
chart a new path… finally working full-time at that one thing 
that has been a consuming passion for as long as you can 
remember –


But then the next shoe falls.

The salon you’ve been working in part-time and built up your clientele goes out of businesses!

And now with that steady paycheck vanishing faster than the hair thinning on an old man’s head, you have to find a new salon space in a hurry –

What’s An Aspiring Hairstylist To Do?

Salon Plaza Michelle Renee 5 resized 600Disheartened and discouraged, she mustered the energy to view a new concept that had come
 to Hyattsville – Salon Plaza.

But it was different than she’d known before, with the risk of higher rent to pay, so she passed on the opportunity.

That’s exactly what Salon Plaza Member Michelle Renee faced right smack dab in the middle of the Great Recession. 

She had no job. Barely any income. And no clue how to turn her passion into a profitable business.

Instead, she rented a booth at a nearby ordinary salon for less instead of becoming a Salon Plaza member.

She Only Lasted There For 3 Days!

The owner wasn’t on top of purchasing and would run out of necessities – How inconvenient for the customers!

With a totally lax and completely unprofessional atmosphere, that salon wasn’t right for Michelle. There was no place to store anything. Other stylists would use her hair products that she’d paid for with her own earnings.

Her Husband Reminded Her, “Cheaper Isn’t Always Better”

Salon Plaza Michelle Renee

Michelle wanted to be in control of her environment and create her own atmosphere.

That’s when she went back to Salon Plaza. Luckily, they had one vacancy left. So she took the plunge, became a Salon Plaza member and opened her own salon, naming it Elegant Styles Salon.

And from that point forward, she was hooked!

What does she have to say now about her decision?

“I LOVE Salon Plaza. It’s been three years now and I’ve never looked back.”

Here’s a question to ask yourself…

“What’s the #1 Thing You Need To Do To Tap Into Your Real POWER?”

Michelle got it. It’s critical that you get it too… The bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW.

The more you know your reason for what you want – the deep, behind the scene, in your gut REASON – the easier it will be for you to accomplish it.

You can Discover Your WHY by answering the four key questions you’ll find when you click on that link.

Now… here’s another little puzzle to ponder:

What Are The 3 Key Building Blocks In EVERY Business Success? 

Salon Plaza Michelle ReneeGive it some thought.
Do some head scratching…
Check it out on Google –

We’ll also cover that in another post. In the meantime, if you have questions about becoming a Salon Plaza member, you can Inquire Now.

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