Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore: Salon Owner Finds Perfect Fit

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore: Salon Owner Finds Perfect Fit


 Focus on Family – Set My Own Schedule –

Close To Home – No Overhead

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore Sentka Buck resized 600Introducing Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore’s March Member of the Month Sentka Buck, owner of Her Glory Hair D’zign at the NEWLY RENOVATED Liberty Court in Baltimore.

How Sentka Became a Prosperous Salon Owner at Salon Plaza:

“Prior to running my salon out of a Salon Plaza Studio, I was owner and operator of a full sized beauty salon on the northeast side of Baltimore. When my family moved to the west side, I needed a hair salon space close to home and my four children.

At my east side salon, I had three great hair stylists working under me – my plan was to open another salon like the one I had before. But with extremely high rents on the west side, it was too expensive to do the same thing.

Liberty Court Shopping Center was close to home and one day I noticed Salon Plaza. Looking through the door, I wondered,

“What is that – I’ll check it out.”

When I Went In, I Was In Awe

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Member of the Month Sentka Buck

A Salon Plaza Studio had everything I needed. I wouldn’t have to leave my private space for anything. I could greet my clients, wash their hair, book appointments, and do everything for them right there. No more worry about overhead or having to find new stylists to hire and manage. I thought to myself,

“This is all I need.”

How I Built My Salon Business

In my previous salon, clients came to me from both the east and west side, including Bowie, Owings Mills, and the airport. Salon Plaza at Liberty Court in Baltimore is central to where my clients come from. It’s a great location. I kept my clientele and no one was inconvenienced.

Since opening Her Glory Hair D’zign at Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore, I’ve picked up more clients from word of mouth and walk-ins – They come in all the time.

To build your business, you have to put yourself out there. Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore gives you a website – takes the time to complete your personal website pages with pictures to promote your styles. Check out this article – Money Making Website Tips for Hairstylists.

First Impressions Count

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore Member of the Month Sentka Buck

Your look and your outlook matter. How you present yourself is important. When you meet potential clients and hand out your business card, the first thing they will do is look at your hair. Be presentable. Be ready to explain what you do.

When I hand out my card, I introduce myself and tell them I’m a stylist at Salon Plaza. I say,

“As my client, I will help train your hair and get it healthy. My passion is to take care of your natural hair.”

Then I give them a card and ask them to call me.

Passionate About Natural Hair Care

A lot of people are going natural. I love working with real hair, making it healthy, and keeping it that way. I have a passion for it. I don’t do weaves, braids or extensions. My clients may look like they have a wig or hair extensions, but it’s their real hair!

The Lord has constantly provided me with a growing clientele. My work is not just a job but a ministry. It’s all about serving others as I make them look and feel good… After all, if they are happy then my job is done.

Why Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore?

The atmosphere is great. You have your own space and clients – it’s personal and private, just you and your clients. They will love the atmosphere and the privacy. Whenever you want, you can just close your door and have one-to-one time.

This is a great set up – new clients like it, too.

Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore Member of the Month Sentka Buck

The other thing I love about Salon Plaza Liberty Court Baltimore is creating my own schedule. I take off Sunday and Monday. The rest of the week I don’t come to work until my children go to school. I need this flexibility – my life is around my children.

With two still in school, Salon Plaza gives me the opportunity to do what I love to do in harmony with my own schedule.

‘If your hair is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to me, Sentka, at
Her Glory Hair D’zign.’

Everything Is Right Here!

I’ve owned and run a traditional salon for 5-1/2 years. I’ve been out there and done all that. This is my salon now, with a great set up and community of co-workers. I have good relationships with everyone at the Plaza. We all keep a positive attitude – we really are like a family.

Help your clients relax as you pamper them. Newly renovated studios at Liberty Court Baltimore have upgraded stations and calming colors…

“I highly recommend Salon Plaza for anyone who has clientele and would like to own their own salon without dealing with overhead.”

If you’re ready to make your life simpler and more prosperous, what are you waiting for? Salon Plaza has 20 locations in Maryland and Virginia. Find the Plaza nearest you and…

Take The Tour!

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