April 18, 2014

Salon Plaza Exclusive: Emmitt Smith Reveals 10 Truths For Achievement


Emmitt Smith 10 Truths For AchievementEmmitt Smith, NFL Running Back for 15 Seasons, Reveals 10 Truths for Achieving Your Dreams

Salon Owners and Independent Cosmetologists are invited to catch life strategies from the only running back to ever win a Super Bowl championship, the NFL MVP award, the NFL rushing crown, and the Super Bowl MVP award – all in the same season!

Emmitt Smith transcends the game of football through character, performance, and humility – 

Keynote Speaker At the GKIC SuperConference for Entrepreneurs, Emmitt Smith inspired a room filled with 732 business owners. If you missed the event, no worries… I’ll share with you 10 takeaways from his speech:

1. Deal With Change

Change is a word that we all must deal with. Change scares people to death. When you want something, you must prepare for the test – then there’s no stress.

2. Plan For Adversity

Adversity will come your way. To pursue your dreams you have to overcome your fears. There will be tough challenges – you got to get out there and do it again.

3. Avoid Negative Reactions And Attitudes

Your attitude determines your altitude. My #1 method to stay positive and overcome obstacles is first to get down on my knees and pray about it. Then I go to what I call my “library of life” – I ask myself, have I gone thru this before, or seen someone go through it?

4. Build On Your Accomplishments

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Know what you’ve accomplished already and build on that. Look at your work and assess where you are in your ‘library of life”. I learn tools and techniques to help me persevere and try to use them every time.

5. Memorize People’s Mistakes

Don’t duplicate the mistakes of others! They are showing you what not to do so you will know what to do.

6. Acknowledge Those Who Help You

No one becomes successful alone. There is always someone there to help them. You can overcome your own fears through the help of others. Remember that and keep your humility.

7. Find Your Passion

Understand how you fit into this world. You must have a reason to get up every morning and love what you’re doing. Keep your goals bigger than the opportunity. And be ready for what’s next.

8. Write Down Your Goals

What you seek is only a dream until you write it down. That’s when the journey begins. Then you can execute against your game plan. Envision yourself doing what you want to do. Be careful what you ask for you – just might get it.

Emmitt Smith 10 Truths For Achievement

9. Step Outside Of Your Comfort Zone

What I learned about me and what you’re going to have to learn about you is to step outside of what you’re comfortable with…

Dancing with the Stars in 2006 was WAY out of my comfort zone. It was never a goal or a dream – not even on the radar. They asked me 3 times before I said yes.

It took a mind shift to do it. My pedigree with sports prepared me for this. With Cheryl Burke as my dance partner, we won!

We all have a role to do, to be the best we can be. You must have dedication and pride. When the challenges are high, so are the rewards.

10. Keep Your Balance

Here’s how I keep it all balanced…

I’m home for dinner, and Saturdays I’m all theirs. Every Friday night is date night with my wife. We go out and do normal things. As a father, I make sure I give each child one-on-one time and stay involved with their sports. Between acting as their father and their coach, I remain on the father side.

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