Salon Plaza Asks: Do You Want To Turn More Facebook Fans Into Clients?

Salon Plaza Asks: Do You Want To Turn More Facebook Fans Into Clients?


Salon Plaza Salon Owner Success Strategies - Facebook fansYou Can Turn Facebook Fans Into Clients Without Wasting Time!

As a busy salon owner, you don’t have time to read lots of stuff that’s “good to know” but does nothing to build your business. That’s why Salon Plaza is dedicated to giving you strategies you can use right away to increase your revenues.

If you saw Salon Plaza’s Marketing Wheel, you’d know that one of your key salon success strategies is to market online. And when it comes to marketing online, Facebook is a great place to attract targeted leads and turn them into paying clients.

A Powerful Platform To Help You:

  • Attract targeted fans
  • Engage them in conversations
  • Build your email list
  • Turn fans into new clients

Attracting more targeted fans and engaging them with informative, entertaining content will make a big impact on your revenue.

3 Reasons Why Your Revenues Will Rise:

Engaged Facebook Fans Know, Like, and Trust You

How would you like to become the go-to-person for hair care for A LOT OF PEOPLE? When you engage your targeted fan base in conversations they care about, you can build real relationships. Your fans will get to know you and learn to trust you. When they need your services, they will naturally choose you!

Salon Plaza Email Marketing Tips - Facebook fans

Advertise For Less

When you grow a solid fan base on Facebook, you can create Facebook ads visible only to your fans. Ad campaigns to your existing fan base cost much less per click than advertising to people who haven’t become fans yet.

Build Your Email List

Attracting more Fans and engaging them with great content helps your build your email list with prospects who want hear from you. Staying in touch with your list by email will help you turn prospects into clients, build loyalty, and encourage them to come in more often – That’s called increasing a client’s LTV – lifetime value.

If you’re not emailing your clients and prospects now, here’s how to get started.

You know the WHY… Now for the HOW!

4 Proven Ways To Grow A Quality Fan Base:

#1: Brand Your Page With A Great Cover

If I found your Page right would I instantly know what your salon is all about? That’s the goal of your cover photo – it’s an introduction to your brand experience. Find out how to make your Facebook Cover Photo count.

#2: Educate, Entertain, Inform

Salon Plaza Facebook Tips to get Facebook fans in your salonHere’s the Truth About Facebook: If you’re not attracting targeted Facebook fans that are genuinely ENGAGED in your content and paying attention to what you have to say, attracting lots of fans means little.

To get your fans to listen to what you have to say, simply share what you know and be yourself. To see how well you’re doing on that score, look at your last 10 Facebook posts.

Ask yourself:

  1. Does this post inspire, educate, or entertain?
  2. What added value does it give to my fans?
  3. Did I include a shareable photo?
  4. Did I ask them to like, share or comment?
  5. Would I like to see a post like this in my newsfeed?

#3: Link Your Facebook Page to Your Profile

To add a link from your profile to your Facebook Page, go to your profile cover image. Click to update info. In the field underneath work and education that asks, “Where have you worked?” type in your Facebook Page name. It should pop up as an option – click on your page name. Check the box “I currently work here” and “add job.”

#4: Connect Your Other Online Platforms To Facebook

Add a link to your Facebook page on your website. Be sure to link your other social media sites like Pinterest back to Facebook. Start a blog and link to your Page, or become a guest blogger on popular beauty industry sites. Have a great new style or hair care tips? Create new videos about what you’re good at, upload them to your YouTube channel, and link to your Facebook Page in the description box.

Create a web presence that links back to you on Facebook. If your posts are relevant and engaging, you’ll grow a quality Fan base in no time!

It’s Your Turn Now!

Question: Which strategy will you use first to attract more Facebook fans and turn them into clients?

If you the keys in hand to your new salon, how likely would be to succeed? Take our Salon Owner Success Quiz and find out!

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