Salon Plaza Asks: Who Else Is Looking For What Only YOU Can Provide?

Salon Plaza Asks: Who Else Is Looking For What Only YOU Can Provide?


salon plaza asks salon plaza salon owners...Salon Plaza contributes weekly to this Salon Owner Success Blog because we support Independent Salon Professionals like you in your dreams to  make it  in the beauty industry

Since you are visiting us here, we know you are serious about investing in yourself and growing your book. Before we go any further, let’s review what we are doing and WHY.

Salon Plaza Asks…

As an experienced cosmetologist, you provide excellent service at a high skill level to your clients. To succeed beyond your dreams…

You must become REALLY GOOD at marketing your services.

And what, in a nutshell, is marketing?

Marketing is communicating the right message to the right people consistently over time. To go from having a J-O-B (Just Over Broke) to a SIX FIGURE INCOME you must…

“Become excellent at doing a few services well – and GREAT at marketing those services to your ideal prospects and clients.”

That’s what this Salon Owner Success Blog is all about. By following these weekly posts and taking action, you will put in place a system to attract a CONSISTENT, RELIABLE and STEADY STREAM of NEW clients… and turn them into long-term paying clients.

So, Salon Plaza asks you… how does that sound for your purse and piece of mind?

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This week we’re working on…

Your New Client Attraction Magnet to Attract Clients Like Crazy

To develop your “New Client Attraction Magnet”, you need to know 3 things. Each is as important as the others to make your magnet strong.

As Marketing Guru Dan Kennedy says, these are your:

  1. Market
  2. Message
  3. Media
Your Market is your ideal and most likely clients.  The people you’d most like to serve.Your Message is what you say about your salon. Your Media is how you communicate your message to your Market – word-of-mouth, on the web, postcards, and the like.
Today we’ll focus on your Market –

Your Perfect Clients Who Are Looking For What Only YOU Can Provide

Remember, you can SERVE anyone…

Because your resources are limited, you must spend your time and money MARKETING only to your “ideal” prospects and clients. This is an important hidden truth of salon owner success.

Salon Plaza asks... Chevon_Prather_with_clientMake your salon FOR someone

The best way to get more clients is to understand who your “ideal clients” are. Who are the people you can benefit from what you do most? They are your “target market.”

These are the people who want and can afford what you do… and who you like to work with.

Again, Salon Plaza asks you… Who are these people?

Here’s how to work through that basic, must know question…

Your current clients: Think about a particular, favorite client. Someone you want to serve and have more of – just like him or her. This is how you can start thinking about who your “ideal clients” are.

Your location: People get personal services like hair, nails, and skin near two geographic centers – home and work. Take an afternoon and drive through the neighborhoods and business parks near your salon. Where are the areas that have the kind of people you like to serve and who can afford you?

Demographics: Characteristics like age, male or female, type of hair, preferred services, and lifestyle are important factors for choosing your target market. What do your favorite clients have in common?
Who you know: What associations do you belong to? Your church? Your children’s school? Your activities? People in those groups who live, work, or shop near you are another source of new clients.

Now comes the hard part

It’s hard because we’re not used to thinking this way or asking these questions about others.

Think about those who you know would be your ideal clients…

• What do they dream about?
• What do they want most?
• What do they fear?
• What keeps them up at night?
• Why do your clients coming back to you?
• When you offer them additional services and products, what makes them want to buy?

Now that you know WHO to spend your money and time marketing to…


That’s the topic of next week’s blog post!

You know, it’s one thing to want to grow your clientele and income, it’s another thing entirely to make it happen. Hey, that’s what this blog is all about, specifically designed for independent beauty professionals and salon owners.

Keep following these weekly posts, and TAKE ACTON!

You’ll be amazed at the results. Already own a salon, or do you DREAM of owning one some day? Find out how likely you are to earn a SIX FIGURE INCOME…

Salon Plaza asks... Are You Ready To Own A Salon? Take The Quiz Now!