January 31, 2014

Salon Plaza Asks: Which Are YOU… Hair Stylist, Owner or Entrepreneur?


Salon Plaza Your Space for Prosperity No Box resized 600Hair stylists ask Salon Plaza,

“Is there a difference between being a hair stylist that owns a salon and being an entrepreneur?”


“How can I go from being a hair stylist to becoming an entrepreneur?”

First, let’s define what we mean by entrepreneur…  What are the key differences between a business owner and a true entrepreneur?

Here’s The Difference:

Unlike business owners who tend to follow an established pattern, entrepreneurs tread new paths. They innovate to create new products and services. They look for new market segments or “niches”.

Salon Plaza Galiana Lindsey

They draw to themselves a team to support their ideas and help them take their venture from idea to reality. They collaborate and network with others to find the support they need.

Failure does not stop them – they overcome whatever obstacles stand in their way.

Leadership is an entrepreneurial quality – the ability to inspire others to greatness. Check out this Salon Plaza Member’s story of how she became a Plaza Leader: Galiana Lindsey, owner of Galiana’s Hair Studio in Virginia Beach

The Benefits? 

Salon Plaza Shadonna Jordan

For the right person, the benefits are substantial.

However, if you are the type who likes to do the same thing day in and day out and be certain things will go as planned, this might not be for you.

But if you are willing to step out of your daily patterns and risk learning and doing something you’ve never done before, then what you stand to gain is…

  • Recognition
  • Financial success
  • A huge sense of accomplishment

Check out this Salon Plaza Member and hair stylist, Shadonna Jordan, who teaches other aspiring cosmetologists how to do more with their beauty license “Beyond the Chair…

Now It’s Your Turn…

How does a skilled hair stylist turn him or herself into a true entrepreneur?

No matter what your life is like now, if you have a burning desire to do something more with yourself, and the self-discipline to see it through, you can build a brighter future by taking these 5 steps:

1. Claim It!

First, you must identify yourself as an entrepreneur.

When you claim that self-image, your mind will lead you to discover what steps you must take to become successful. Over time, you will fulfill that self-proclamation.

To keep going when obstacles come up, you must have a strong sense of what motivates you. When things get challenging, a sense of purpose will keep you on track and moving forward. Click here to “Discover Your WHY.”

2. Think It!

Salon Plaza Lisa PettwayNext, learn how to think like an entrepreneur. How do you do that? Read about established go-getters, listen to their audios and watch their videos. The internet makes learning anything you want to know so easy.

Develop your connections with others who are a few steps down the road on this path. Meet other successful entrepreneurs and ask them questions.

Entrepreneurs have a vision of abundance! They are usually happy to give their time and advice to help others get started.

Read about: Lisa Pettway, owner of Follicles Hair Studio in District Heights, MD

3. Act It!

Salon Plaza Cathy ValentineLearn how to act like an entrepreneur.

How do they turn their knowledge into money? Take time to write a business plan and a marketing plan. Your most important client is yourself and your business. Put time in your calendar every week to grow your business and see that you actually do take action.

Many of our Members are true entrepreneurs. They innovate. They make connections. They market themselves. They grow beyond the chair.

Here’s another one of our prosperous Member Entrepreneurs: Cathy Valentine, owner of Hair By Cathy, Waldorf, MD

Salon Plaza Erica Drayton

4. Do It!

Trying isn’t the answer – doing is.

Keep track of your plans and your actions. Focus on one big project at a time and make it work. You can have several pots on the back burner, but choose ONE goal at a time to be your main focus until it’s up and running and making money for you.

Check out this Salon Plaza Entrepreneur who offers her own products and teaches classes in a new marketing niche: Erica Drayton, owner of EBJ Studios in Richmond, VA

If Erica Drayton Can, YOU Can Too!

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Tell us in the comments below – which are you right now – stylist, business owner, or true entrepreneur?


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