Salon Plaza Asks: This May Be Every Hairstylist's Dream- Is It YOURS?

Salon Plaza Asks: This May Be Every Hairstylist’s Dream- Is It YOURS?

Salon Plaza Asks: Is Your Dream to Own It?

Dream it and Own It with Salon PlazaIf You’re Like Most Hairstylists, You DREAM of Opening Your Own Salon

Salon Plaza asks you to think about what your life would be like for a moment –

  • YOU set your own schedule
  • YOU NEVER ask permission to take an hour or a day off
  • YOU get to set the atmosphere just the way you want it to be…

Sounds perfect?


Before you start a salon, there’s something you need to have already – you’ve got the skills, you have the ambition… but do you have this –

A solid book of business who will follow you to your new salon?

If your new location isn’t far from where you work now, and you have enough loyal clients to keep you pretty much as busy as you want to be, then you’ll have a far greater chance to make it on your own. Truth is…

You can’t have a business without customers!

How To Keep Your Clients: Best Ideas From Successful Salon Owners: 

Here are the 5 best ways to get your current book to move with you to your new salon…

1. Tell them in advance

Before you make your move, let them know you’ll be starting your own salon. Tell them all about the BENEFITS they’ll be getting at your new place – If you choose to open your shop with Salon Plaza, you can tell them about the privacy they’ll enjoy and the ample parking.

2. Offer a special service – for FREE!

Since you’re asking them to change a habit, you would do well to give them an incentive to follow you to your new shop. Something that will be of value to them and not cost you a lot will do, like a conditioning treatment or small bottle of nail polish.

Dream it and Own It with Salon Plaza3. Put it on paper

Give them your new address on a postcard or note card they can hang on to. Include your new salon name, directions, mention the bonus gift or service, and why the move will be better for them… more parking, more privacy, better hours…  more one-on-one attention.

4. Energize your referral program

When a client gives you a referral, offer your client and the new visitor 20% off on their next service. This is an investment in growing your base, so think long term!

5. Beef up your skills

To build trust and command top fees, you must be willing to invest in yourself as a professional stylist and stay up to date with your training. That way you can compete with service, NEVER on price. What’s more, you will attract—and keep—top clientele who give you more referrals just like themselves.

How to Double Your Profits:

Have you noticed?

It’s 10 X easier to do more business with current clients than to win over a stranger who has never sat in your chair before. Instead of only focusing on getting more clients, become your clients’ Beauty Consultant!

Invite your clients to come in more often and choose an additional service or product when they do. You can do this in person and with emails that make appointments like magic!

When clients come in more often, use more services, and buy more products, it means more money for you and a better, longer lasting look for them.

You both benefit!

Plus, happy clients mean more business from word-of-mouth.

If as a skilled salon professional you are tired of building someone else’s DREAM – and their DRAMA – then maybe it’s time for you to…

Open A Salon – Own A Salon

There’s nothing else like salon ownership –

    • Enjoy more freedom and control over your schedule
    • Set and maintain an atmosphere that reflects YOU
    • Protect your one-to-one relationships with your clients

If you work in someone else’s shop right now, your income is probably stuck on “neutral.” And if you know how to run it right, with your own salon you will make more money and live a better life.

As one salon owner recently told me…

“Working for someone else means you give up a lot of control for not much money.”

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