Salon Owners: Use Powerful Messages To Become The Chosen Provider

Salon Owners: Use Powerful Messages To Become The Chosen Provider


“Get good at doing a few services well –

and GREAT at marketing those services

to your ideal clients.”

Become the Chosen Provider

Chosen Provider Salon Owner MarketingAs an entrepreneur and salon owner, you must become REALLY GOOD at communicating the right message to the right people. You can SERVE anyone…

Because your resources are limited, you must spend your time and money MARKETING to the prospects you would like to earn as clients.

Having a clear, compelling message that speaks to the concerns and desires of the people you want to serve most is the basis of creating messages that attract clients, building relationships, and becoming a chosen provider.

Your marketing message must answer this most important question for your prospects and clients:

“Why should I choose YOU over all others – including doing it myself, or not getting it done at all.”

Here’s how to get really good at creating marketing messages that attract clients like crazy:

1. Make your business ABOUT something:

chosen provider salon owner marketingWhat problems do you solve? What dreams do you help to make possible? What can you be about in someone’s life? You must identify the real, tangible, life-improving benefits you provide your clients.

Start by taking stock in what services and products you provide your clients. List them all. Now one by one, think about the values and benefits you provide to your clients –

Ask yourself, why does someone want that? What benefit does it bring? What problems do you solve for your clients?

Why does it matter to your clients’ prosperity and happiness? 

To help you think past the obvious, let me ask you, what would happen if they didn’t get that service or product? What if they went somewhere else – what would they lose?

Now use what you just discovered to identify the associated pain. You must relate the pain and benefit to something larger in your client’s lives.

Look at what your competitors are saying and doing, and do it differently. Your marketing message must describe the problems you solve and the solutions you provide. These insights will become a basis for the “hot undeniable benefit” only you can provide.

2. Make your business FOR someone

The best way to get more clients is to understand who your “ideal clients” are. Who are the people you can serve the best as a chosen provider? They are your “target market” – Your perfect prospects who are looking for what only YOU can provide.

Who are they?

Here’s how to answer to that basic, must know question:

Your current clients:

Think about clients who have truly benefited from your product and service. Who have you enjoyed serving? Which are your most profitable clients?

Your location:

Where do the people work or live who you like to serve best and have the most to offer?

chosen provider salon owner marketing strategiesDemographics:

Characteristics such as age, male or female, interests, and lifestyle are important factors for choosing your target market. Look for people who are similar to your preferred clients.

Who you know:

“I Know Someone” – IKS – is the path to more clients. What associations do you belong to? Religious groups? Your activities?

Who do you know who influences a lot of people? These referral partners can become another source of new clients.

Now let’s consider who your ideal clients are as people:

What do they dream about? What do they fear? In your dealings with current clients, what makes them want to do business with you? When you offer them additional services or suggest products, what triggers them to buy?

If you can’t answer these questions now, write them down on a note card. Have them in the back of your mind when you are taking care of your clients. You can also design a survey to send to your current clients and your prospect list to find out what matters to them most.

  • What I’ve learned about their hopes, dreams, and fears:
  • What triggers them to buy:
  • How I plan to gather more of this information:

You can reach out to these sources with your marketing materials – your fliers, postcards, letters, and online efforts. Find out more about writing great headlines, the body of your message, your call to action, and how to become a chosen provider with Salon Plaza’s 52 Keys to Salon Owner Success.

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