May 24, 2015

Salon Owner’s KEY To Unlock Facebook, Twitter & More To Fill Your Book


salon owner's key to twitter unlock facebook pinterest groupon Salon Owners & Beauty Professionals…

Have you ever thought,

“If I could just attract some new clients…”

“If I could just get a few more referrals…”

“If I could just run my salon a bit more like a business…”

Then this post about how to unlock Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest (to name a few) – is for YOU!

When you take action on this ONE IDEA, it will change your life…

Who Else Wants the KEY to unlock Facebook and more to Bring In Clients Like Clockwork?

At Salon Plaza, we’ve been asking our Members what they want help with most – Social media marketing came up again and again. When we asked,

“How do you market yourself now?”

About half replied that they use some combination of Facebook, Groupon, Pinterest or Instagram. And when asked,

“Which of these actually brings in new clients?”

Social media was rarely mentioned. How CAN you use Social Media to grow your book w/o wasting TIME & $$$? 

What works for you? Let us know with Salon Plaza’s FAST-ACTION Checklist

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Here is our most valuable Success IDEA and Action STEP – the ONE thought that will change your life…


Who makes more money – teachers or entertainers?

I’m not asking who should make more, but simply, what is true and real, here and now? Meaning, you must first and foremost ENTERTAIN your social media visitors. Engaging them and building relationship goes hand-in-hand with giving VALUE.

How do you do that? Follow these 2 ACTION STEPS:

  1. Know your WHY
  2. Live your purpose

Happy people who live fulfilling lives know who they are and who they serve – and the difference they make in the lives of others. If you procrastinate in choosing, the choice will be made for you by circumstance. Don’t let that happen to YOU!

SalonPlazaMemberFadilaMuhammadDistrictHeightsMD unlockfacebookSee the clear choices these Members of the Month have made and the difference it has made in their lives:

You must provide genuine and heart-centered help for your clients to make their lives better. Let people in. Share with them who you are.

This is how you can use social media to get seen and develop an unbreakable bond with your prospects and clients. This is how you unlock Facebook, Twitter, or any social media to get people in your door.

Entertain – Give Value – Show Your Passion

Does this surprise you? …80% of professionals are unhappy with their lives…

“I feel like I’ve wasted my life and I’m half way through it”

Who are the happy 20%?

Despite the ups and downs of life, happy people know something about their life purpose. They clearly know

  • Who they are
  • What they LOVE to do
  • Who they serve
  • What those people want and need
  • How the service they give transforms the lives of their clients

Your life purpose is other-focused

Until we mature and truly claim our lives, we look to others to tell us who we are. What’s more, we tend to focus on ourselves, and worry, “What am I getting? Are my needs being met?”

These 5 questions show you a simple way to turn this around – to look inside yourself for who you are, and look outside yourself to serve. When you do this, others will naturally share their life purpose with you, too.

Define Your Life Purpose – In Less Than 5 Minutes!

Action Step:

Answer this these 5 questions OUT LOUD and define your life’s purpose:

1. Say your name – that’s who you are.
2. Say what you love to do. Maybe it’s to talk, teach, listen, inspire…. What is the one thing that right now you feel supremely qualified to teach others?
3. Who you do it for, who do you serve? Picture them in your mind and say it out loud.
4. What do these people want and need? What is the one thing they come to you that they can’t get exactly the same anywhere else?
5. And how do they change or transform as a result of what you give them?

unlock facebook with Freda_Austin_Hairsylist_Salon_Mystique_Fountain_Square_Richmond_VAPut it together in one sentence: Say it out loud!

Why is this formula so powerful?

Only questions one and two are about you. Three, four and five are about others. This formula forces you to be outward facing. Happy people are outward facing. If you make other people happy and feel served, you will be happy and served too.

When you meet people for the first time, and they ask you,

“What do you do?”

Instead of defining yourself by what you get paid to do on the surface – “I cut hair” or “I do nails”… Give them your answer to question 5 – answer by saying how you transform other’s lives.

See how Freda Austin owner of Salon Mystique answers this question…

Knowing the essential value of what you do and who benefits is the KEY to unlock your social media efforts… and any other marketing you do, including word of mouth.

Succeeding as a beauty professional is not a matter of luck, circumstances, or fate.

“People with goals succeed because they know where they are going. It’s as simple as that.”

Are you doing all you can to get more clients and keep them longer? Find out with our FAST-ACTION Checklist. Click here:

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