December 13, 2012

Salon Owners: Create Emails That Make Appointments Like Magic


Who Else Wants To Create Emails That Make Appointments Like Magic – In 9 Minutes Or Less? 

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If you’ve been following this blog, then you understand that real wealth comes with keeping your clients long term. Your untapped goldmine is not with attracting NEW prospects, but with deepening your relationship with existing clients.

How much more successful would you be if each one of your regular clients could make appointments to came in sooner and paid for one more service or product?

You can encourage your clients to make appointments by staying in touch with your clients in between visits. A wonderful way to keep “top of mind” is to send them entertaining, informative, engaging emails that get opened, read, and acted on.

Here’s how to make your emails more powerful, persuasive and profitable. 


You won’t be once you know the system.

This is a two-step process to create emails that make appointments; first, we’ll explore what makes for a great subject line.

Why you need a powerful subject line:

The subject line is critical – it will either get your email opened, deleted or ignored.

People scan for emails they want to delete. It’s a lot like standing over the trash can when the mail comes in and throwing out the junk.

Nowadays, a lot of folks check their emails with their phone. Once touch and poof – you’re gone.

That’s why your subject line must catch their attention. Think of it as you would a headline -the “ad for your ad”. The headline’s job is to lead people to open the email. The subject line has one purpose, and one purpose only – to get the recipient to read on.

Train yourself to be fast about coming up with headlines.

You are busy with your salon and don’t have spare time to spend hours composing emails. A huge secret is to follow what established marketers are using for headlines and adapt the pattern for your own audience.

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Vary the style of your subject lines

Personalization can be powerful but use it sparingly. Including the first name in the subject line is not as effective as it once was. A number of years ago it worked, but now people have become wary of it.

Instead, include the city name, which does help to get your email opened and read.

Here are 3 subject line templates you can adapt to your salon that can make appointments:

“This ________ tip is almost too easy.”

The word “Easy” in that blank catches our eye, and it works with the word “tip.”

Fill in the blank with what you are selling, such as, “This hairstyling tip”.

“The fastest way to ________”

We live in a fast world. How about, “The fastest way to have a good hair day.”

Specifics add impact: The fastest way to get 5 compliments a day.” But don’t make outlandish claims, unless you’re being humorous.

“Who else wants to  _______?”

“Who else” gives the sense that others are already enjoying the benefits. Also, asking a question can improve your open rate.

Keep the message in your subject line straightforward, not sales like or promotional. Avoid using CAPS and exclamation marks!

When thinking up subject lines that make appointments, put yourself in your client’s shoes

Busy people get too many emails that are just spam. Vague teasers, constant reminders, and overselling won’t cut through the clutter.

When you write your subject line, give timely and useful information they need to know now. Don’t sell what’s inside. Tell what’s inside.

A note about the “From” line – Keep this consistent. Always use your name or salon name.

These same headline strategies work for postcards and print ads. There’s real psychology behind creating headlines that get your emails opened and your mail read.

Next, we’ll focus on 5 major tactics to write your body copy faster and get a better response.

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