Salon Owners & Booth Renters: 1 Connection Will Transform You 4 GOOD

Salon Owners & Booth Renters: 1 Connection Will Transform You 4 GOOD


Salon Owners Salon Booth Renters - You Can Transform Your LifeSalon Owners & Salon Booth Renters:

Do you HOPE you’ll succeed in living your Dream? Then this post is for YOU!

If you are booth renters who want to own a salon, you may worry that the competition is too great. You might even fear failing if you try.

Maybe you already own a salon and another shop is opening up right next door. Are you stressing out about them taking your business?

And still… you Dream to do what you LOVE without worry, stress or fear

What if I tell you thatBooth renters… there is One Great Truth to keeping all this worry and stress out of your life? It isn’t going to cost you a thing! And with it, you will be a happier and more prosperous beauty professional.

You’ll never believe where I am right now – Salt Lake City, Utah, at the Parliament of World Regions. This gathering of nearly 10,000 men and women only happens once every 5 years. Representatives from over 80 countries and 50 religions are present at this 6-day event.

A speaker at the Woman’s Assembly, Bishop Dr. Barbara King, won my heart. As one of the few female Bishops in America, she has overcome more barriers than we can imagine.

With humble beginnings more than 40 years ago, Dr. Barbara founded Hillside International Truth Center, a nondenominational, ecumenical ministry in Atlanta, Georgia. Today Hillside is one of the largest New Thought Centers on the planet.


“You must Dream the Dream – Women are upholders of the Dream.”

As a speaker at the Women’s Forum, she gave voice to this One Great Truth – If you HOPE you will succeed in living your Dream… it’s not enough.

“You must dig down in yourself for something deeper”

Dr. Barbara went on to say,

“You didn’t birth yourself – something created and sustains this beautiful planet and everything living.”

Connect with your Source, by whatever Name. What sustains you is not Hope but FAITH. Begin with Faith in yourself, and faith in your Maker. How you define that is up to you.

If you DREAM of opening a salon…

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If you want to know more about the ONE Connection that will Transform you for GOOD, then follow Dr. Barbara’s lead with…

Four Ways to Apply This ONE GREAT TRUTH 

FIRST: Always Connect with Source

You don’t have to “get spirituality”, you already have it. This is the seat of your Faith. In all things, begin here. Dig deep inside you and find your Truth. Stand tall in your spiritual connection.

Bishop Dr. Barbara has a lot to say about turning first to God. If you are inclined that way, I recommend her book, Transform Your Life. Because that’s what it can do for you if you follow it.

Here’s Dr. Barbara with a similar message I heard her give on stage at the Parliament:

SECOND: Set Your Intention

“You are your own Spiritual Internet – you are it.”

What is your DREAM? You must get still and ask, what should I do?

  • What does it look like?
  • Who will you serve?
  • How will you serve them?
  • How many clients will you see in a week? Month? Year?
  • How will you get better at what you do?

Whatever your Dream is, write it down clearly and in detail. Focus on it. And know WHY you want it so much…

THIRD: Plan to Take Action

attraction_magnetNow that you have your goal in mind you need to do what it takes. What must you do to reach that goal? Plan it out… and TAKE ACTION!

You can connect with the neighborhood by handing out flyers, offering “new client” discount a sale or by  volunteering in your community.

Train yourself well and value yourself as a licensed cosmetologist. The point is, you must get out there and take a chance on YOU.

Want help getting new clients with positive thoughts and actions? Check out this post for hairstylists who want to keep their chair FULL!

FOURTH: Manage Your Mind

Learn how to use your spirituality through the mind. How we think is how we bring out our spirituality.

We can only hold one thought in our mind at a time. That’s why, before you can focus on what you want, worry HAS to get out of your mind. Two conflicting thoughts cannot be in your mind at the same time.

“The mind is the seat of all our activity but the truth is that we need to be able to manage our mind.”

When you focus on the positive you will attract the positive all around you. In the same way, if you focus on the negative you will attract the negative. When you feel the negative starting to creep in, immediately remember what you are grateful for in your life.

It’s all about how you treat people. How you love. Learn to use your Connection to Spirit all the time. Demonstrate it wherever you go. Wherever you are, remember, YOU ARE a spiritual connection.

Dig deep into your Source, have faith in yourself and your Maker… Make a plan, take action and watch the positive transformation happen!

If YOU are thinking about going from booth renters to salon owners, here’s a video that will help you plan your Dreams…

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